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Han shot first, but leave Lucas & # 39; s edits in Star Wars forever

Phew! Disney + was launched and the only place with more content than its app is our website. Wow, okay, that was cheesy, I'm sorry, but something about Disney brings out the safe, anodyne jokes.

Really, we have a lot of good things to read on how it looks when The Mandalorian is fine and explains what's new with the new 4K HDR versions of the Star Wars Trilogy is going on. You know, those who own another unsolicited cut by George Lucas the most controversial cut he ever made on a special edition. Yes, George Lucas changed Han Solo's scene with Greedo in Star Wars: A New Hope confirmed Disney.

Technically, both seem to be shooting in the same scene in this cut, though that happens after Greedo has said "Maclunkey". This is a word that is not translated in the subtitle on the screen because it probably means something too dirty to be displayed in a rated PG movie. It is also easily pronounced: "My clunky". That's how I imagine Lucas, who refers to the pace of his arrangements.

I'm about to give you the hottest of my takes that have been sealed in my collection since the 90's, own personal Disney vault. Here's nothing to say: Han shot first, but left Lucas's edits in . Never restore the original version, never publish an edition in which Greedo does not shoot first or at least not simultaneously with Han.

Listen to me.

First let me talk about My Old People, those of us who saw Star Wars in the theater or on VHS when it was first released before the Special Editions changed everything. Let's tell each other a real truth: Although you viewed Han Solo as a rugged rapscallion with a heart of gold, you emphasized the "heart of gold" part in your head. Only when you heard of the editing did you contemplate the possibility that Han Solo is a murderer . He just killed a guy who would shoot at him but Han did not know that.

Han first shot in the original movie, but it was a small moment the character introduction had not a hundredth of the impact of Han Shot First the movement outraged fans who made Internet memes before it places where memes were easily spread.

When George Lucas changed the scene, he did not suddenly make Han Solo more beautiful and safe, but more dangerous and frightening. He literally influenced the moment of Hans's first shot as he tried to cut him off. Nobody paid attention to this moment of possible murder and what he meant to Hans's character until Lucas tried to wipe him out.

This idea is part of the culture of Star Wars . There are generations of people who see the movie and only later learn that Han Shot First . It is a piece of Apocrypha, which ironically is the most canonized part of Hans Character.

It is somehow clear to me what Lucas has changed in this scene all the years, in Han Shot First bothers him to hell. Perhaps it is his desire that his author's vision defines the canon of Star Wars instead of fans. Maybe he really does not consider Han so bad and wants us to see him that way too.

But when Lucas changed the scene, he only drew attention to the meme. I think it is now part of Star Wars. Han Shot First is out of line in our narrative, but it can also be seen right there in the film itself, as evidenced by the increasingly cumbersome cuts.

I do not want there ever to be an issue where Han actually shoots again first, because that moment of metatopic awareness, when you see him shoot second, or when someone first gets it to you says Han Shot First is important. It demythologizes the great myth of Star Wars and makes it a thing that people invented and then developed. It helps you to realize that it could have been done differently. It lets you think about history and character in a way that you may not know otherwise.

One of the reasons I love Star Wars fandom – and really every fandom – is that we chose to make this our myth. Knowing that the myth itself contains decisions that we disagree with prevents this myth from becoming a religion. It keeps the myth alive and alive. Above all, if we are aware of these choices, this myth belongs to us.

(Do not talk to me about Blade Runner Cuts .) There is only one I will not accept discussing it with.)

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