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Hands On: Call of Duty: The Gunfight mode of Modern Warfare could be the next big thing

  Modern Warfare Co Op

With the multiplayer scene constantly looking for ways to increase the number of players, be it a Battlefield V 64-game round or a Fortnite game of 100, it may be interesting to think that the next big hit requires only a fraction of it. Call of Duty: With the Modern Warfare alpha test, you can access the brand new Gunfight mode for free this weekend. Only four players inspire us.

Gunfight is a round-based 2-on-2 multiplayer mode that challenges you to eliminate the enemy team. It sounds simple enough, but it's the amount of strategy that can bring simplicity to the card design that impressed us the most. It feels like the deadliest version of paintball played on tiny cards, with only the nose outstretched and a view of the surroundings leading to a flood of bullets.

Because of this, Gunfight feels like a mind game. Are you going to take the hill to gain a perceived advantage when your opponent actually already has his red spot in your position? Instead, in the next round, will you storm into the center of the map to outwit the enemy? The giving and taking of territories always plays an important role in the course of a multiplayer game, but its meaning could not be greater if you were only a second or two away from the headshot the moment you appear.

  Call of Duty Modern Warfare Alpha 2v2 Alpha 1 Gunfight

The dynamic of relying only on another person can also lead to new strategies. Due to the fact that the round is over once the opposing team is wasted, sacrificing your teammate becomes a viable option. When communicating, it can be beneficial to set up a position with an excellent view of the entire map as the opponent makes shots at your buddy, as he gets his attention with a simple kill.

We expect this to be more and more tactical approaches will come to the fore as the weekend progresses, but even the basic battle of wear has inspired us on how Gunfight could evolve in October. It's not perfect – we hope there's a way that you can score a certain number of points instead of winning a certain number of laps – but what's on offer this weekend shows real potential. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare may not have Battle Royale mode, but it looks like 96 of those players do not even have to go to the party.

Did you have a chance to test Call of Duty: Modern Warfares' new Gunfight? Mode still? Do you like us as well as we do? Share your tactics in the comments below.

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