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Hannah G. is more than just an influencer

Hannah G. was an early fan favorite in Colton's season of The Bachelor . From the moment they met, they had an incredible chemistry, and we at home believed that Hannah G. was the surefire winner of the season.

A few turns and turns later, Colton separated from Hannah in Portugal before her fantasy suite appointment was ordered to go to Cassie, who had dumped him the night before. Hannah was devastated and everyone looked absolutely shocked at home.

  Hannah G. | Rick Rowell on Getty Images
Hannah G. | Rick Rowell via Getty Images

Today, Cassie and Colton are very happy and in love with each other, and Hannah heals.

Heartbreak takes time, but Hannah recently told Vulture that distraction helps. One of Hannah's biggest distractions? Back to work.

What does Hannah G. do for work?

Her Bachelor job description was: content creator and by the look of her Instagram page you create content that she makes. Hannah's page (with one million followers) contains various shots of her modeling, eating, and visiting beautiful places. She is what you call the Influencer, and she has the school to support it.

Hannah told Vulture that she is more than "just an influencer and a model".

"Many people are like, Does that mean you're just an influencer and a model? I referred to this as my [ Bachelor ] description because it actually [19659012I'vegotabackgroundinphotographysometimescompaniesturntometotakephotosorcreatecontentfortheirsocialcampaignsandIdesignthatbutIdothatforsocialmediaaswellBeingacreatorasawholeismyjamandIwasreallyluckythatIcoulddoitformyselfandnotjustdoitforanothercompany"shetoldthepublication

How does she stay authentic?

During the season of Colton, Hannah was considered one of the most down-to-earth competitors (atypical influencer quality). She says she keeps her work authentic by working only with brands she really likes.

"It's so easy to just integrate brands and products that I really love. Here I stay true to myself. I studied marketing and got a degree in marketing. I know how important it is to maintain brand loyalty. With all these new eyeballs, everyone deserves to know how I really feel about products and things, "she told Vulture. "There is definitely a stigma in the direction of, Oh, you were on the show and have your followers. I love to be creative in every possible way. I've done things for other companies without my face sticking to them, just because [it’s] something I like passionately. I like to talk about things that I love!

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