An overview of NASA's Mars InSight mission, which will provide scientists with more information about the formation of Mars and other planets.
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Coast-to-Coast space operations mainly from SpaceX and United Launch Alliance (19659007) Early next week, SpaceX is expected to test a Falcon 9 rocket on Kennedy Space Center's Pad 39A before launching it on Friday afternoon with Bangladesh's first geostationary satellite labeled "Gear" Bangabandhu-1: The booster will be the first "Block V" version offering improved performance and reusability.

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After SpaceX's Eastern Range launch, the Western Range at Vandenberg's California Air Force Base on Saturday will host the high-profile launch of NASA's newest Mars lander, InSight, which will launch on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket. The launch is scheduled for a two-hour window starting at 4:05 am Pacific Time. InSight will be the first time Vandenberg hosts an interplanetary launch

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The Robo-Lander, which will expand to 19 feet with its deployed solar arrays, will investigate the interior of Mars by examining its seismology and temperature measures. to name a few. It will be the first probe on the red planet that also detects and measures "Marsquakes".

NASA hopes that InSight will help scientists "understand the origin and early evolution of all rocky planets, including Earth"

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