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Harley-Davidson says fares have weighed heavily on profitability (HOG)

  • Harley-Davidson fell nearly 11% on Tuesday after reporting quarterly results that failed to meet analyst expectations.
  • The company said tariffs impacted fourth-quarter profitability.
  • President Donald Trump attacked Harley-Davidson last summer after the company announced that production would be relocated overseas.
  • Watch the Harley-Davidson trade live.

Harley-Davidson said on Tuesday morning that President Donald Trump's tariffs would have taken a massive bite out of profitability in the fourth quarter.

The motorcycle manufacturer's shares plummeted nearly 11% before trading, after the company made gains in the fourth quarter that failed to meet Wall Street expectations.

Harley-Davidson reported an adjusted profit of $ 0.17 on sales of $ 955.6 million

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Motorcycle revenue was slightly lower in the fourth quarter than in the year before, but higher than in the previous year compared to 2017. Adjusted, the company reported a balanced quarter.

"Operating margin as a percentage of sales decreased in the quarter due to restructuring charges, additional charges and higher callback costs," the company said in a regulatory filing.

After Harley -Davidson said last June that he would shift production due to the negative impact of tariffs outside the US, Trump attacked the company on Twitter.

"Surprised that Harley-Davidson will be the very first company in the world, it waves the white flag," said Trump. "I've fought hard for them and ultimately they will not pay any tariffs that are sold to the EU, which has hurt us heavily in trade, by $ 151 billion, taxes are just an excuse from Harley – be patient!"

At that time Harley-Davidson's tariffs would cause a "huge cost increase".

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