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Harris dropped a bomb on Biden that is bigger than politics

Over the years, I've heard this line from so many black friends and relatives that it became a kind of racing joke.

But watching this week Sen. Kamala Harris & # 39; exquisite Joe Biden shoot down over his past When I resisted the bus traffic, a strange thought came to my mind: Maybe we'll be sorry, such a "forgiving people" to be, and that may not be so bad.
  Harris confronts Biden with earlier efforts to block bus traffic.

Most commentators describe Harris' exchange with Biden on the second night of the Democratic debate as a potential precursor to the nomination of the Democratic president. But Harris has dropped a bomb on Biden that is bigger than politics. It revealed a psychological shift in some parts of the black community that has been building up for years.

The old days of blacks, when they come to terms with questionable leaders because they feel they have no choice, could be over. No longer an attempt to understand white racism, to forget about the effects of slavery and to move away from the past because "this is a time of healing".

Forgiveness does not always have to be divine. sometimes it leads to something worse.

"Look, what forgiveness has brought us, it gave us Trump," said Wes Jackson, a commentator who said he rejoiced when he faced Harris during the debate against Biden.

Biden not only misinterpreted the room, he misinterpreted the time.

There are two reasons why Harris' attack on Biden left such deep bruises.

Fatigue of Forgiveness

When a White Supreme Killed Nine Adorers During a church service in Charleston, South Carolina, many news stories in 2015 focused on one familiar act: the decision of some survivors to forgive the killer ,

It's not hard to understand why they made that decision. The forgiveness of the enemy is a central teaching of Christianity. It is also pragmatic. Forgive so that you will not be consumed by hate. This belief was the spiritual backbone of the civil rights movement.

I remember one moment during a church meeting, when a white man from South Africa told black members of my church that they could never get ahead in politics if they did not try to understand the white racism. A black woman interrupted him and said, "Why do we always have to be the people who need to understand?"

But since the shootings in Charleston there has been a rethink.

I call it forgiveness fatigue.

] In an article entitled, "Why Forgiveness Is Always Expected by the Black Community After Violence Has Occurred," activist Jenn M. Jackson quoted the litany of articles cataloging the survivors of the Church's shootings, citing The shooter was awarded, though he "never showed a hint of regret."
In another article titled "6 Things Blacks Do not Need to Say to Whites in 2018," Shannon M. Houston wrote: [19659019] "White forgiveness is so 2017 (and literally every year before) In 2018, we will try a new approach, which means," We have no time to forgive you because we are busy doing our job and getting ourselves a blackness Create a future that is too busy to worry about how white people will sleep without our forgiveness at night. "

And then there was the anger that was going on during the presidency of President Barack Obama.

  Living in Black: Here are all the routine activities for which the police in 2018 called on African Americans.

The blacks saw that the black president of the nation was treated with such contempt and disrespect that many were relieved to see him at the end of his term – alive. In addition, the growing anger over the 911 calls black people to lead their lives in public places. It is no surprise that there is now a serious debate about reparations for slavery. Many blacks are no longer in the mood to forgive or forget after years of being urged by their pastors to "love white people because they do not know what they did".

Harris may have trapped Biden during the debate, but The Trap was actually made years earlier when he was the vice president of the nation's first black president. He did not see it then, and he has not seen it this week.

Buses are still a raw topic for many blacks.

One of the most electrified moments in Harris' exchange with Biden came when she relied on her own experience to be bused. She initially said she did not believe Biden was a racist, but quoted his refusal of bus traffic and added:

"There was a little girl in California who was part of the second grade to integrate her public schools, and she was driving to the school every day, "Harris said. "And this little girl was me."

  Sen. Kamala Harris tweeted this photo of herself as a young girl during the debate.

And to this little girl, too, countless brown and black children, who were driven to white schools by buses during the debate, joined one of the most overlooked periods in US history – the Busing Wars that followed the classic civil rights movement.

If you look into a history book, you'll see countless discussions about "I Have a Dream" and the end of Jim Crow. But there are not many public schools that teach what happened in the second phase of the classical civil rights movement – the attempt to actually integrate the country's public schools.

Millions of black and brown children were predominantly brought together with white pupils schools in cities outside the South during the 60s, 70s and 80s, but failed largely for one reason: whites outside the South were often as racist as those in the South by Jim Crow.

Buses provoked fierce opposition from many white parents across the country. And finally, in the decades after the 1960s, the Supreme Court issued a series of decisions that brought the movement to integrate national schools to a standstill.

Matthew Delmont, author of "Why Busing Failed: Race, Media and the National Resistance to School Desegregation," many white parents outside the South said that their children should not share classrooms with black and brown children.

Their schools had better teachers, resources, and smaller classrooms than the typical black public school, and they wanted to keep it that way.

"White people did not support the civil rights movement, if that meant they had to give up something – that's the history of the North," said Delmont, a professor of history at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.

The northern education systems have been equally invested in maintaining the benefits of pure white schools as those in the South, Delmont said.

"It had a different name and accent than the South, but it had the same purpose," he said.

At the same time, there are countless black and brown adults of middle age and older, such as Harris, who remember bus rides as a formative experience. You can remember how they got up at dawn to take a three-hour bus ride to the white schools throughout the city. These adults also remember that they have received a level of instruction and resources that they know today they would never have received in a purely black public school.

Some even made lifelong friendships with people of other races whom they would never have met otherwise.

"There were bumps on the road, but it was mostly a positive experience for them," Delmont said about the black and brown students sitting in the bus.

And many black parents know that their children would never have gotten Better education, if not the two words – federal intervention.

Black children were sent to mostly white schools through a combination of judicially ordered repeal orders and armed forces. The resistance of whites to black and brown children in white schools was so intense.

Biden still criticizes what he calls "forced bus driving". After his debate with Harris, his campaign published a statement that said:

"Joe Biden has always been in favor of volunteer bus driving and ordered federal-level coaching to end the separation of men and women, and he has always been An advocate of integration, however, saw this as enforced on bus driving was not the proper mechanism to achieve this in Delaware, because it was an excessive burden on African American families and children. "

School integration, however, would never have happened if Only white parents and whites would have been left to school districts, said Ravi Perry, new chairman of the Department of Political Science at Howard University in Washington.

Perry said bus travel is a "central theme for the black experience". He quoted the famous story of "Little Rock Nine." It took the mobilization of the National Guard to ensure that the black students were admitted to the previously pure white school.

"If the federal government did not intervene, where would we be? That was a federal intervention," Perry said.

Greater Than Politics

Blacks today are not just expecting more from white leaders; They also demand more from celebrity personalities in the black community.

One of the revelations that came out of the Jussie Smollett case earlier this year is that the black community will not flock around fought over black celebrities just for scolding racism.

 ] Jussie Smollett released by the Chicago Police

Smollett, the former "Empire" actor, said he was the victim of a crime of white hatred. He was later charged with staging the hate crimes and filing a false police report. Black politicians like Harris and Sen. Cory Booker initially expressed their public sympathy for Smollett, but distanced themselves from the actor when questions about his story surfaced. All charges against Smollett were later dropped.

But unlike O.J. In an earlier era, Smollett Simpson was unable to leave the community behind because black people are increasingly understanding the difference between "authentic blackness" and "strategic blackness," Tanya Hernandez, a professor at the Faculty of Law at Fordham University in New York "Today's Trump world means we do not have the luxury of being uncritical about who gets our communal love and support," said Hernandez, author of "Multiracial and Civil Rights": Mixed Race Stories of Discrimination. "

Hernandez said the black community and its allies" could no longer promote brothers who act in ways that call into question the existence of genuine violence and bias.

Perry points to another race Controversy with Biden showing this change In 1991, Biden was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee when he held confirmation hearings for Clarence Thomas, the Supreme Court nominee As a law professor Anita Hill Thomas sexual Citing harassment, Biden was accused of ignoring her allegations and facilitating Thomas's way to the Supreme Court.
  Clarence Thomas Fast Facts

Many blacks questioned Thomas' conservative beliefs, but he was muted.The NAACP did not vigorously oppose him, opposing his nomination "with regret" after many internal debates.A few black women objecting to the nomination pronounced by Thomas were indeed despised by others in the black community.

Would that happen today?

"By no means," Perry said. "The young blacks today would not support either a Democratic or a Republican president just because they are black."

In earlier times, black voters often felt that they had no choice but to come to terms with white politicians like Biden. They could sometimes appear deaf or even racist, but many black voters felt that they had no choice.

Not anymore. Consider the look of the democratic debate. They were almost as damaging to Biden as Harris's words.

On the stage were men of color and women. It graphically showed black voters that they have a choice now, said Jackson, the commentator who is also the founder and CEO of the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival.

"I think people are starting to understand that we need to take these steps to get white men off the hook," says Jackson. "You look up now and you have Kamala, you have Elizabeth Warren, you have Castro."

And you have a new reality. The times when a white or black leader might get black support when he says the past is the past, I have evolved, and this should be a time of healing.

The Harris-Biden moment suggests that this moment has come.

If Biden did not know these new rules, he knows now. And others too.

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