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Harry Dunn: The US diplomat's wife drives on the wrong side of the street at the time of the fatal accident

19-year-old Harry Dunn died from an accident on his motorcycle, according to his family. The accident occurred on August 27 in Northamptonshire, in central England, where there is a station of the Royal Air Force, which is controlled by the US Air Force.

According to Northamptonshire police, a car collided head-on with a black Kawasaki motorcycle driving in the opposite direction after the crash. "On Sunday, they confirmed that" the car was driven on the wrong side of the road. "

The United Kingdom demanded the return of the wife of the unnamed American diplomat, 42, who left the country after the accident.

The case sparked outcry among UK lawmakers and the victim's family was rejected after local media reported the police's request for the suspect's diplomatic immunity to be lifted.

According to the 1
961 Vienna Convention, diplomats are and their family members are usually immune from prosecution in their host country.

"The immunity is rarely abolished," the US State Department said in a statement to CNN, also expressing its "deepest sympathy and addressing the deceased's family The tragic traffic accident of 27 August condolence in which a vehicle was involved, the spouse of the one

The immunity of our diplomats and their overseas relatives in such cases will be scrutinized at the highest level and carefully assessed in the light of the global impact of such decisions, "he added ,

"An attempt to escape justice"

British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab expressed disappointment to British Ambassador Woody Johnson and urged the Embassy to rethink its decision issued Friday ,

The Dunn family plans to meet Raab next week, Radd Seiger spokesman told CNN. In a statement released on Facebook, the mother of the victim, Charlotte Charles, said the diplomat's wife had to "return to Britain to face the judiciary."

"With the terrible news that the other driver seems to have left the country accidentally In order to escape justice, the opportunity to grieve us is completely taken away, and our lives are now painfully interrupted," she wrote.

CNN asked the US Embassy in London for a comment, but could not reach the officials immediately.

Sarah Johnson, Police Commissioner of Northamptonshire, said in a statement on Saturday that Dunn's family deserves "justice and that a full and thorough investigation must be conducted with the support of all parties involved."

19659003] Jennifer Hansler and Kay Guerrero of CNN contributed to this report.

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