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Harry Potter fans can spend $ 75 a year on a new subscription

For $ 74.99 per year (£ 59.99), Harry Potter Fans can receive a new video series, discounted merchandise, special events, and all seven books in the main series. The Warner Bros. and Pottermore offering is a premium extension to the Wizarding World app launched in August. It's called Wizarding World Gold.

A quick look at the offers from Wizarding World Gold suggests that Warner Bros. and Pottermore, author J.K. The Rowling company wants to reflect the success that companies like Disney have made with their own membership programs. Disney's D23 membership, which gives people discounted access to the company's parks and exclusive events, is an integral part of Disney's relationship with its fans. The annual subscription even spawned a full three-day biennial that attracts the same Hollywood star power that the San Diego Comic-Con has to offer, but it's exclusive to D23 Gold members.

Disney and Harry Potter seem to have a big overlap when it comes to their fans: engagement. Just as Disney can use its membership to increase the attention and excitement of many of its business areas (theme parks, studio film releases, new Disney + streaming service), Rowling and Pottermore can use the subscription package to stream visitor traffic increase and enhance stage plays.

Just look at some of the key discounts for Harry Potter fans. If you're a Gold Member, you can get discounts at the Wizarding World.com Store, at the Platform 9 store in London's King's Cross Station, and at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour stores in London and Hollywood Package at the Universal Orlando Resort in Florida. Even so, $ 75 is more expensive than annual subscriptions – especially for people who are not interested in the IRL aspects of Harry Potter fandom. The subscription also includes a couple of new video series relating to interviews with artisans and curated content in the background.

Warner Bros. and Pottermore also add a personalized interactive diary to every subscription, and are a strong spellcaster. Swag is of course an important facet of the fan culture. The diary pictured below is embroidered with the names of the members, the signage of the Hogwarts house they have been sorted into, and additional passages that are personalized for each person. According to a press release, the pages contain "enchanted keys" that can be "scanned using the [their] Wizarding World app to unlock hidden secrets." The journal's keys are updated monthly to provide new graphics and write-up activity requests.

Wizarding World Gold Memberships can now be pre-ordered. Each order comes with an exclusive collector's pin. Gift subscriptions will also be available in the coming months.

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