Reds pitcher Matt Harvey talks about throwing a season-best seven-innings in a 6-3 win against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

CHICAGO – After Matt Harvey was revoked by the Milwaukee Brewers on Wednesday, the Reds had 48 hours to negotiate a deal.

There was no deal.

The Reds decided to retain Harvey for the remainder of the season, watching the deadline expire Friday, less than an hour before Harvey made his scheduled start against the Chicago Cubs.

"We made an organizational decision and could not agree. That made sense to us," said Reds CEO Nick Krall. "We thought it would be better to keep him and to get positive impulses for our club and to go to next season by the end of this season, and he had a positive impact on the club." [19659008HarveyenteredtheRedsonSaturdaywitha6-5recordand428ERAin17startsHewasacquiredbytheNewYorkMetsinaMay8tradeforsubstitutecatcherDevinMesoracoandcash

Harvey was a freelance agent at the end of the season, a popular trade candidate during the summer.

"I think he had a big impact on many of the guys in our club," Krall said of Harvey. "He was a solid guy we had in the organization this year and I think he's a guy we felt very good about holding this team around the young kids until the end of this season."

Reds Center fielder Billy Hamilton was called to revocable exemptions on Wednesday by an unknown team. Krall said Hamilton will stay with the Reds for the rest of the year.

After a 3-18 start to the season, Krall said there is a focus in the organization to get the year off to a flying start.

"I think it's really important for us to end the season on a good note and continue this momentum in the offseason," said Krall. "We will go into spring training next year when we get out of the gate where we have a good chance of becoming a solid club next year."

Dick Williams, president of the Reds baseball division, said earlier.…=view&id=167 Harvey, who arrived on Saturday with a 3.63 ERA entered Saturday in three starts this month, has more than $ 850,000 in the last five weeks

"We found that it was best for our organization and our team to finish by the end of the year (Harvey) stay in this club for the rest of the season, "said Krall.

Red's interim manager Jim Riggleman said there would be a backup plan if Harvey were to be treated in the hours leading up to Friday's start.

"That's really not unusual," said Riggleman. "There are many times, maybe people do not know, we have planned a pitcher who is under the weather, he may not be able to walk, the flu or his back tightens him overnight or something like that Do you make another plan and you make the necessary adjustments. "