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Have You Seen This? Guy gets his own private jet … child of

THE LONELY SKIES – jet setting around the globe with your own personal and wait staff sounds pretty incredible, but way too expensive. Who has millions of dollars to spend on a private jet, and then millions more? Not me.

I mean writing "Have You Seen This?" articles on the side for KSL.com pays well, but not that well. I'm sure I could afford a private Mattel jet that came from a second-hand store, but an actual private jet? I do not think so.

Vincent Peone The private jet price Day.

Peone posted on Twitter of his boarding a flight to Salt Lake City, and he is the only passenger. He gets the whole experience on video. Getting called to board the plane, walking the jetway with an employee, watching the people using the bag to help with weight, meeting the pilots, and even getting in. Pretty swanky stuff if you ask me.

Thanks, Peone. Now we know how to get the private jet experience without the private jet price tag;

 John Clyde

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