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HBO Max has arrived, but you can’t watch Roku or Amazon Fire TV

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Roku and Amazon users cannot attend the HBO Max Big Day.

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HBO max made his long awaited debut Wednesday, but don’t expect to see The not too late show with Elmo or repetitions of friends over yours Roku or Fire TV. This is because these devices don’t have HBO Max apps yet.

Although HBO’s parent company AT&T is available on a variety of platforms and devices – including iOS and Android, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast and web browsers – it has not yet reached an agreement with Roku or Amazon . This means that you won’t be able to see HBO Max there even if you have the HBO Go or HBO Now app on your Roku or Fire TV or if your HBO subscription has been updated to Max.

HBO Now and Go users should still be able to use the appropriate apps to continue viewing the regular HBO they already have.

As of Thursday afternoon, the apps were missing on both the Roku and Amazon platforms.

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HBO Max: How to get it


In a statement, a Roku spokesman said the company is still hoping to add HBO Max:

As the No. 1 streaming platform in the United States, we believe that HBO Max would benefit greatly from the scaling and content marketing features available when distributed on our platform. We focus on mutually positive distribution agreements with all new (over-the-top) services that provide viewers in more than 40 million households choosing Roku with a high quality user experience to access their favorite programs and new content to discover.

Unfortunately we have not yet reached an agreement with HBO Max. Although we are not on our platform today, we look forward to helping HBO Max successfully scale their streaming business in the future.

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Amazon was a bit more aggressive. In a statement released on Wednesday afternoon, the company said it was upset that AT&T wasn’t just adding Max ‘content to the regular HBO offering available through Amazon’s Prime Video Channels.

“With a seamless customer experience, nearly 5 million HBO streamers are currently accessing their subscription through Amazon’s Prime Video Channels,” said a company spokeswoman. “Unfortunately, with the introduction of HBO Max, AT & T is denying these loyal HBO customers access to the expanded catalog.

“We believe that if you pay for HBO, the method you are already using entitles you to the new programming. This is just good customer service and that is a priority for us.”

A WarnerMedia spokesman for AT&T said in a statement to CNET that while the company “is thrilled that HBO Max is widespread at launch,” its goal is to make HBO Max available to as many viewers worldwide as possible on any platform deliver . “

“We look forward to entering into agreements with the few outstanding distributors that remain, including Amazon, and in the same way that they give customers access to Netflix, Disney +, and Hulu on Fire devices.”

WarnerMedia CNET executives announced this on Wednesday The company has apps for Roku and Fire TVAfter the contracts have been concluded, each app can be “minutes later” on its respective platform.

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