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HBO responds to the reported Regiedrama for Season 2 "Big Little Lies" – Deadline

Days after reaching an absolute audience high, HBO's Big Little Lies seems to be sidelined today behind the scenes of allegations of some sharp elbows. Post-processing allegations that the premium channel calls standard television collaboration and one for which it is committed.

  Andrea Arnold

"There would be no second season of Big Little Lies without Andrea Arnold," HBO stated in a statement on Friday after reports that the director was following the end The shooting in the Emmy winning streak by season 1 director Jean-Marc Vallée and showrunner David E. Kelley in the seven episode took a big step last. "We at HBO and the producers are very proud of their work."

"As with any television project, the executive producers work together on the series, and we believe the end product speaks for itself," added WarnerMedia's own outlet added.

Today IndieWire published an anonymously related story of American Honey Helmer Arnold by the guys of Nicole Kidman, Resse Witherspoon and the SoCal sunflare filled blindside series led by Meryl Streep. The alleged creative control noise is responsible for the fact that the supposedly completely staged by Arnold and broadcast on June 19, the second season of the premiere of the first season 2017 with Vallées brand aesthetics is so much like.

In this regard, Gersh was once again promised to Arnold According to sources close to production, Deadline is crucial for full creative control when buying on board last year. In addition, the Oscar winner in the second season of her contract was never finally cut.

With praise for Arnold's work from all sides, the finished product was handed over to the executive producers to use a variation of HBO's words, which include Sharp Objects director Vallée, the Oscar-winning stars Kidman and Witherspoon and Kelly. A fact that feels like a Power Grab n of certain lights, but in a positive and a negative sense, is actually quite a small-screen fare for high-profile series such as BBL and less stardust-filled shows.

Also, one probably does not repeat with Big Little Lies as there are still no plans for a 3rd season.

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