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Heard reportedly threw “haymakers” at Depp after losing $ 750 million

Johnny Depp said Monday that wife Amber Heard hit him with a “haymaker” the same night someone popped into his bed – hours after he found out he had lost an incredible $ 750 million.

“Since pirates [Of The Caribbean] I had earned 2 and 3 – and that’s ridiculous to say, it’s pretty embarrassing – apparently $ 650 million, “admitted the 57-year-old star to the London High Court.

But on his wife’s 30th birthday in April 2016, he had a “bad meeting” with his former manager, whom he said the court “stole my money.”

“I had lost not only $ 650 million but also $ 100 million in the hole because they hadn̵

7;t paid my taxes to the government in 17 years,” Depp told the court.

He agreed that he may have smoked cannabis after leaving the “very uncomfortable and ugly” meeting and attending his wife’s party that night at her LA penthouse.

“It’s a comforting remedy for me,” Depp told the drug court.

Depp’s lawyer David Sherborne pointed out that a nurse at the party, Erin Boerum, took notes describing Depp as “coherent”, “sociable” and “loving”, while Heard “irritated and upset” and “angry.” her husband worked because he was late. “

The actor had previously been accused of hurling a magnum bottle of champagne at his wife that night, pushing her to the floor, tearing her hair and leaving a note saying “Happy Birthday”.

But on Monday, he insisted that Heard was the violent – and pointed out a secret recording she took three months later that captured him and said, “You king who made me hay man.”

“You got around the bed to hit me,” he said on the tape.

When asked what a “haymaker” was, Depp explained: “It’s just a kind of wild swing … a kind of roundhouse strike, so to speak. It’s a bit wild, but effective when it reaches the goal. “

The court was told Heard was angry that her husband had gone to bed on her birthday to read.

“In the circumstances in which I was harassed and forced to fight or fight, I didn’t think it was the wrong thing,” said Depp. “I thought it was best to move away from the argument because it seemed ridiculous to me.”

The actor was then asked if he did this only once during the clashes to which he said, “No sir, quite a bit.”

It was the same night that Depp previously claimed to have “heard himself or one of her cohorts” left human feces in his bed, which his wife dismissed as a “harmless prank”.

The “defecation incident” was the moment when he finally decided to end the marriage, he previously told the court.

Depp resigned on Monday in his lawsuit against The Sun newspaper over an April 2018 article calling him a “thug,” which he denied again.

At first, he was only expected to be on the stand by last Thursday, but his often surprising testimony stretched over five days.

When he finally left the witness stand on Monday, he smiled and said to one of the bailiffs, “I will miss you.”

Depp sued Heard in the United States for allegedly defaming a $ 50 million domestic violence article in the Washington Post. This case is due to be heard next year.

The star’s money problems “What does Gilbert Grape eat?” Led to an earlier lawsuit accusing him of spending $ 30,000 a month on wine.

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