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Hearthstone reveals more witch cards

Blizzard has another expansion for Hearthstone on the way, a journey into the enchanted forest of the witch forest. The studio has been mostly silent since its debut, but today it launched two weeks of planned card revelations with a livestream and debuted some of the new sets.

The stream revealed a total of 10 cards, including two legendary cards and the one and only new expansion hero cards. The hero is a Shaman alternative, Hagatha the Witch. It deals 3 damage to all minions as they enter the field, and then has a passive Hero Power that gives you random spells for each minion played. This was described as the protagonist of the expansion, as she is the witch of the forest.

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The other two legends discovered today were the Huntermaster Shaw hunter card, which gives to your other favorites Rush and the Warlock card Glinda Crowskin to all the minions echo in your hand while in play. These two keywords are also new extensions. Another crazy new revelation was Nightmare Amalgam, a card that belongs to every tribe in the game, and can be teamed up with anything from pirates to murlocs to 'Mechs to Dragons and beyond.

For the next two weeks, cards will be at a regular pace until the release of the expansion. You can follow the schedule of revelations. During these two weeks, Hearthstone will also provide free packages for completing daily quests, which will give you a shot at some of the latest additions or even witchcraft packages. The developer recently told us that his core idea is that it's over-exerting.

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