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Heat vs. Sixers 2018 live scores: 76ers win their first playoff series in 6 years

The process has borne fruit.

The 76ers defeated the Heat, 104-91, in Game 5 on Tuesday. Philadelphia moves so for the first time since 2012 in the second round of the playoffs. Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons dominated. They combined for 44 points and 22 rebounds. But it was J.J. Redick, whose 25 points, including 5 out of 10 shooting out of three, made the difference in the closeout game.

There were question marks in this first round series. Miami proved to be the tough defensive team they all had in the regular season. But Philadelphia was just too much for the Heat, especially in a knockout game with Meek Mill ̵

1; fresh from prison – ringing the bell to start the game.

The 76ers enter the second round, where they wait for them to be the winner of the series between the Boston Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks. The Celtics took the lead 3-2 on Tuesday, but the series returns to Milwaukee for Match 6.

The Sixers answered the biggest question they had in the playoffs: This moment is not too big or too bright for them. Judging by how they have played so far, there is no moment.

. 4 Quarter: 76ers 90, Heat 79

4:53 – Sayonara, Tyler Johnson, who just picked up his sixth foul.

5:24 – James Johnson just got a tech for almost MMA style that tackles two 76s at a time. It really was not that bad, but he is a black belt. That sums it up:

I spoke too early. As soon as I open my mouth, Miami runs a 8-0 run with the same "United Nations lineup" that ran the scoring table earlier in the game.

Philly has opened this thing wide. They are clearly the better team at this point we already knew. But there were some reservations that maybe – just maybe – this stubborn, defensive heat team could choke these young Sixers. The 76ers are not young anymore. You are ready for primetime.

Man, Joel Embiid is really unstoppable.

End of the 3rd Quarter: 76ers 80, Heat 68

Brett Brown has gone with his "United Nations Lineup" with Ersan Ilyasova and Dario Saric in the Four and Five with Sagittarius everywhere. It works absolutely and it also buys Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid some rest.

Embiid did not notice the connection:

Goran Dragic just put Bea Simmons down in the back of his head. He has a technical and a personal foul. I will find the video, but until then, here are some tweets. Actually, I found the video, but I'll still leave the tweets down:

HALF TIME: Heat 46, 76ers 44

Should Ben Simmons likely build a body:

Justise Winslow was pretty impressive:

Message from Spo to the Team: Get Together

6:45 – "How is Ben Simmons doing these things?" I asked myself. There is no answer. Just ask.

Is it Shaq?

End of the 1st Quarter: 76ers 23, Heat 21

Meek Mill rang the bell for the 76ers, but that did not help Philly much in the first quarter. It may have caused them some discomfort, as they did not look like the team that went 3-1 in Game 5. There is still time to gather and the 76ers are likely to push in the second quarter. At the moment, however, they have to relax. They still have a two-point lead over Miami, but they do not want this to be a dogfight.

The Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76ers are imagining with each combination one of the toughest first rounds of the NBA playoffs of players competing in the series. Whether Dwyane Wade pulled Justin Anderson's arm, James Johnson came into Ben Simmons face or Joel Embiid Jusise Winslow hit the floor, this series was extremely sharp.

With Philadelphia, 3: 1, you expect game 5 to be chippier than ever, with the heat that has everything to lose.

Miami has seen some vintage calf in this series. The 36-year-old scored 25 points in 22 games on 22 shots. You'll need that and more to stop Simmons and Embiid, who have been an unstoppable force so far. Embiid may have been sloppy at the offensive end, but even then he was the most influential defensive player. Simmons too was unmatched to the brim.

The Heat must find answers to keep this series alive.

Sixers Vs. Heat Game 5

Date: April 24

Where: Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia

Time: 8 pm ET

Television: TNT

Streaming: Watch TNT

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