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Heavy high cholesterol often treated inadequately

Heavy high cholesterol is often not effectively treated with statins, and progress has not been achieved with greater urgency than for the general population, suggesting nationally representative data.

National Health and Nutrition Survey Survey data for the 0.47% of respondents Adults with definite or probable familial hypercholesterolemia and the total concentration of 6.6% with 190 mg / dL or more low-density lipoprotein levels showed "consistently low" statin concentrations of 52.3% and 37.6% respectively.

These values ​​included a rise over the study period from 1999 to 2014, "but not faster than the trends in the general population," despite better than 80% self-reported cholesterol screening and awareness in this group, Emily Bucholz, MD, PhD , MPH, of Boston Children's Hospital and Colleagues reported in Circulation .

"This study shows an opportunity and an imperative to improve statin treatment rates in this high-risk population," they wrote. "Although rates of statin prescription have steadily increased over time, the growth rate over the past decade has been slow and there is still a significant gap in treatment rates."

The researchers reported no conflicts of interest [1

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