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Heidi Klum in Shrek Makeup: 5 Things to Know Today in Pop Culture

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Hello! Welcome to your daily overview of pop culture.

The last celebrity Halloween costumes have spread on social media, and there are some noteworthy efforts: Heidi Klum, naturally went out and was also known as Princess Fiona of "Shrek" unrecognized, Kylie Jenner now presents 6 (six!) different costumes to Instagram, and Beyoncé and Jay-Z both plunged into the sports world. My personal favorite was Diddy who danced as Pennywise out of "It" in a Diddy video:

Although a colleague who is to remain nameless recently told me that liking Carly Rae Jepsen is not a personality, I'm still here to tell you that the Canadian pop star is today has released a new song. "Party for One" is about getting the most out of a disappointing situation: "If you're not interested in me, I'll just dance alone / back on my beat."

In 19459018, much of this id entertainment has to be unpacked, between what they call "the hottest actor in the world" and the most charismatic pop star in the music. Yes, yes, they talked about eating peaches, but also about the importance of journaling, the masochism of social media and how "it's almost a high to be vulnerable." Cuties!

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