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Henderson remembers 2014: "I was on the verge of big time"

Date of release: Saturday, April 13, 2019 8:49

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has closed a deal with Chelsea when the defeat against Jose Mourinho failed in 2014 and the Premier League title has dropped further I could only stand helplessly from the stand as the Reds' 2-0 strike at Anfield ended in eleven matches and handed the initiative over to eventual champions Manchester City.

The team of Brendan Rodgers then threw After a 3-0 draw with Crystal Palace was trying to improve a goal difference, which was inferior to the City. However, this was a consequence of the fact that it was not possible to bring at least one point at home to the runner-up Chelsea, who would have held his fate in his own hands.

"It was hard to see. It was a difficult time to miss these games at a crucial time. Chelsea did a job and they did well, "said Henderson, who along with goalkeepers Simon Mignolet and Daniel Sturridge are the three survivors from the 201

4 squad.

" I had a lot of progress. I could feel it with the crowd, wasting time in the first few minutes. It was not nice to see.

"For me, it's just another thing I've used to focus all my energy on continuing to win games and succeeding for Liverpool.

"This is a fantastic team, but it is a great month for us as a team, and hopefully we can increase our performance and continue to win to achieve the results we need to push the limits.

"You want to win trophies, especially if you're in this football club.

"I try to use this time as an experience and to help the boys in the best way possible. It's a new chapter and a new team.

There is a crucial difference between the 2014 side and the current version, and this is their defensive stability.

Rodgers' team played an exciting football, highlighted by the fact that they achieved 101 goals At the other end, they had overthrown 50.

They also failed to master the frustration that triggered Mourinho's ultra-defensive tactic in a game that was famed for Steven Gerrard's slippage in his own half, and Demba Ba allowed the crucial break just before the break.

Opposition fans – and not just Chelsea's – still mock Liverpool with a song, but Henderson insists they should be better prepared for the expectation and frustration this time. [19659003] "I still had the feeling that we had this belief when we went to the title a few years ago, but we were not as strong as wi We would have liked it, "added Henderson.

"I do not like that, it's a completely different team.

" The biggest difference between the team and the team at the time is that we are much more solid defensively and concede fewer goals in the Premier League league is a big deal.

"For us, it's about focusing on ourselves and focusing on what we have to do, we need to continue winning."

"Hopefully the city will eventually slip but for us it's about winning our own games.

"When we focus on our achievements, everything else takes care of itself."

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