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Here are all winners of the 2018 Webby Awards

The Webby Awards honor the best of the Internet every year. From games to podcasts to videos to influencers, the award covers a wide range of Internet content, including The Verge . In the 2019 competition, The Verge won two awards for its YouTube Channel of Science, one for The Vergecast and was nominated for Why's You Push That Button. 19659002] Disney won the most awards this year – 32 in all Webby categories. National Geographic won 17 awards for categories such as Best Photography, Best Data Visualization and Best User Experience. Google followed with 14 awards, including best user interface, productivity and technical achievements. Vice, Conde Nast and HBO each received nearly a dozen awards.

In advertising, Samsung's advertising agency R / GA received an award for its Fortnite -exclusive Galaxy skin, while BBDO New York received an award for AT & T's ad "The Face of Distracted Driving." ". Fortnite was, of course, the Game of the Year and Serial was the best podcast. In more contested categories, Childish Gambino's "This is America" ​​won the best music video and Kesha's "I Need a Woman" the best cut. In online appearances, the fan parody Deadpool: The Musical 2 won an award for Best Writing, and in Advertising, the 360i Agency Won a Webby for Best Use of Machine Learning for HBOs Westworld: The Maze an ad for the skilled Westworld Alexa Craft.

Special Achievement

  • Webby Video Person of the Year: Issa Rae
  • Webby Special Achievement: Hasan Minhaj
  • Webby Social Movement of the Year: Greta Thunberg
  • Webby artist of the Year: Tierra Whack
  • Webby Entrepreneur of the Year: Emily Weiss
  • Webby Network of the Year: BBDO
  • Webby Media Company of the Year: Disney
  • Webby Agency of the Year: Wieden + Kennedy


  • Webby Award for Activism: Unstoppable by Planned Parenthood
  • Webby People & # 39; s Voice Award for Activism: Everytown: Moments surviving
  • Webby Awa rd for Architecture and Design: RLeviev Group,
  • Webby People's Voice Award for Activism: George Nakashima Woodworkers
  • Webby Prize for Art: Photo exhibition "Brain Drool 2018"
  • We bby People's Voice Award for Art: Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy: A Chronicle: 1769-2018
  • Webby Award for Associations: SAD AFTRA Website,
  • Webby People & # 39; s Voice Award for Associations: Paralympicsgb
  • Webby Award and People's Voice Award for Best Data Visualization: Billions of birds migrate. Where you go?
  • Best Homepage: Barovier E Toso, Universal Love
  • Best Individual Editorial Feature – Ind / Brand / Org: Modern Slavery: Its Causes and Human Wage, What Happens 19659027] Best Individual Editorial Feature – Media Companies: Bezos – Empire: As Amazon became the world's most valuable retailer while we slept, our minds are on an amazing journey.
  • Best Navigation / Structure: Rapha, Ocean Shock
  • Best Practices: Hodinkee; Safe Birth, Here Again
  • Best use of animation or motion graphics: Oat the Goat, Twenty-One Pilots – Bandito
  • Best Use of Machine Learning: Use AI to get the right audience over your writing Using Textio Hire, Pandora's music genome project
  • Best use of photography: In the Border Crisis: Photos from the Front, Project Greenland
  • Best Use of Video or Motion Picture: Nuclear Dissent, School of Sustainability
  • Best User Experience: Basic Moves., Most Interesting Interview
  • Best User Interface: Art4GlobalGoals, Google Earth Studio
  • Best Visual Design – Aesthetics: Your 2018 Wrapped, Nuclear Dissent
  • Best Visual Design Feature: The Lego Foundation
  • Best Writing: BBC Future, Previously Healthy [196659037] Business Blog / Website: The Octopus: A Design Blog by Ideo, Work in Progress [19659040] Car Sites & Car Culture: Discover Lexus, Timeless. EE
  • Charities / Non-Profit: Poetry Foundation, Consumer Reports
  • Community: Patreon, Tumblr
  • Corporate Communications: Poki website, Viacom.com
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Marriage Unblocked, Patagonia Action Works
  • Cultural Blog / Website: American Documentary, The On Being Project
  • Cultural Facilities: Anne Frank House
  • Education: Smithsonian Learning Lab, TED-ED
  • Email Newsletter: 5 Things by CNN
  • Employment: Sofi: Get the Raise, Freelancer.com
  • Entertainment: YouTube Rewind 2018, Marvel.com
  • Events: Melbourne International Arts Festival's 2018 website, Rodney Respect Award
  • Fashion & Beauty: I-D, Vogue.com
  • Financial Services / Banking: TurboTax Tax Reform Calculator
  • Food & Drink: Kopke, the oldest port house, Munchies
  • State and Civil Innovation: MPD Guard, NASA [19659056] Green : Planet or plastic?
  • Health: Survivornet, Forks Over Knives
  • Webby Award and Webby People's Voice Award for Humor: The Daily Show Presents: The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library
  • Law Sotbi, Website of the Animal Legal Defense Fund
  • Lifestyle: Girlboss, Good + Good
  • Webby People's Voice Award for Magazine: The New Yorker
  • Media Streaming: HBO.com, Hulu.com
  • Film & Movie: Work and Life by Stanley Kubrick, StarWars.com
  • Music: Adult Swim Singles 2018, The Coldplay Timeline
  • NetArt: Arkadia, AI Portraits
  • News & Politics: Factcheck.org, The Washington Post [19659064]] Personal Blog / Website: Curb Free with Cory Lee Prison Journal: Lifelong Prison and Other Sections of Prison
  • Professional Services and Self Promotion: UENO 3D Interview, Squarespace Circle
  • Compass
  • School / University: Maryland Institute College of Art, MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Science: NOAA Fisheries, NASA Solar System Website
  • Open: Open Wear, Google Store
  • Sports: NBA Design Guide, Bleacher Report
  • Technical Achievement: Creativity, Google Earth Studio
  • Television: The Best TV Episodes of the year Hunder ts, Mister Rogers & # 39; Neighborhood
  • Journey: Vacationing with an artist, Fodor's Tr avel
  • Webservices & Applications: Squarespace
  • Weird: Under the Surface, Cat Bounce!


  • 360-Video: Polar Obsession 260
  • 360- Video: Branded: Climbing El Capitan 360 Video
  • Animation: Trump Bites, Clash-a- Rama! Season 2, Sprinklr: Square Peg, The Gauntlet – Lego Marvel Superheroes – Minifilm, Two Balloons, Crow: The Legend [194559080] Art & Experimental: Happy Valentine's Day by Neymarc Visuals
  • Best Artistic Director: Apple – Welcome Home, Viva La Vulva
  • Webby Award for Best Editing: Justin
  • Webby People's Voice Award for Best Editing: Kesha "I Need a Woman"
  • Best Individual Performance: James Corden's Next James Corden
  • Best Interaction Design: Virtual Reality – Exploration Experience: Bears Ears National Monument, Silicon Valley Hacker Hostel VR
  • Best Series: Space Explorer, 7 Stories for 7 years
  • Best Use of Interactive Videos: The Last Generation, Trump's Inner Circle: Relations with Russia
  • Webby Award for Best Web Personality / Moderator: [19459018StephenCurry's"5MinutesfromHome"series[19659093] Webby People's Voice Award for Best Web Personality / Moderator: Sean Evans – First We Feast's "Hot Ones"
  • Best Writing: [19459018WebbyAwardforComedy: Team Coco for "Conan Helps His Assistant Buy a Car"
  • Webby People's Voice Award for Comedy: Momsplaining with Kristen Bell
  • Comedy: Longform: All Jokes aside: Black Women in Comedy, Billy on the Road with Emma Stone [19659098] Comedy: Shorthand: Tide Chief: You Must Stop Eating Tidal Tongues Jimmy Kimmel Lives Medium Tweets – Avengers Edition
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Rare Stripe, Sephora Rescued My Son
  • Documentation: 60 Second Documents, Great Great History, Mr. Wash, the Youngest Captain [19659095] Documentary: L angform: Trans in America: Texas Strong
  • Documentary: Shorthand: My Dead Father's Porn Tapes, Middle East The Power of Forgiveness of Broadcasting Networks
  • Entertainment: [1 9459018] Fake News Writer, Deep Cuts | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj
  • Events & Livestreams: Will Smith: The Leap, Live from the Red Carpet of Solo: A Star Wars Story !
  • Experimental & Weird: Colonel Sanders Cat Climber
  • Fashion & Beauty: Sneaker shopping of the complex, Lady Gaga explains why Donatella Versace is a symbol
  • Fashion & Lifestyle: Harper's Bazaar + Stella Artois: A Night Without Maintenance 19659109 Food & Drink: An unpaid pizzeria in Brooklyn, Sean Evans – The First Hot Parties
  • Games: Critical role after Critical Role, Pan-Demonium, Marvel Strike Force
  • How-To & DIY: Do you know how to make matcha? I Made a Strange Bedroom Based on Their Instagram, Skillshare Originals, and Adam Savage's One Day Builds
  • Integrated Campaigns: Dundee: The Son of A Legend Returns Home, Dream Crazy by Wieden + Kennedy
  • Experiences: Throw i na Child Word by kog
  • Longform: Final Cut – Apple – Welcome Home, Freethink's Future of Cancer Research
  • Music: TBWAMedia Arts Labs Apple – Welcome Home, Pixar The Music of Coco, Seconds – Skepta, Kesha: Rainbow – The Movie
  • Music Video: This is America
  • Webby People's Voice Award for Best Narrative Experience: First First 3D National Geographic Space -VR
  • News and Politics: NowThis, Welcome to America
  • Public Service & Activism: BBC Ideas – Short Films for Curious Minds; GoFundMe Studios; Bulletproof children; Planned parenthood, "F * ck New York City" – Our children – Twana Twitu, NYTimes : Meek Mill: Prisoners need new rights
  • Reality: Grow too fast in Afghanistan
  • Webby Award for Science and Education: The Verge – Verge Science
  • Webby People's Voice Award for Science and Education: The Verge – Verge Science
  • Science and Education The Agony and Ecstasy: How MDMA is Used to Treat PTSD, Nerdist's Series "The Impact of Black Panther "
  • Scripted: Dream Gap, Working Dead
  • : One, Ten, One Hundred
  • Short form: Taco Bell | Web of Fries
  • Sports: True North: In the Rise of Toronto Basketball, A Mountain to Climb, All In Play: Black Athlete in America
  • Technology: All the hidden ways Facebook Ads by Vice Target You, National Film Board of Canada OK Google
  • Trailer: A Star is Born Trailer
  • Travel & Adventure: Joshua Cowans Indonesia, Seoul_Wave
  • by Unscripted Films for by Travel & Lifestyle: CNN's Anthony Bourdain explores unknown parts: Little LA
  • Unscripted: AT & T – It Can Wait – The Face of Distracted Driving: Forrest, VaynerMedia's Best Gift for Father's Day
  • VR: Branded Cinematic or Pre-Rendered : Isle of Dogs Behind the Scenes (in Virtual Reality)
  • VR: Interactive with trademark, game or real-time: Coco VR
  • VR: Kinematically or Pre-rendered: Polar Obsession
  • VR: Interactive, Game or Real-T ime: Smileyscope VR where the thoughts go
  • Variety: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: "The Dossier Speaks", Good Mythical Morning, The Star Wars Show, John Krasinski breaks down the lantern scene of a quiet place | Vanity Fair
  • Video Remixes / Mashups: You will not believe what Obama says in this video! (Buzzfeed + Jordan Peele)
  • Viral: Submerged Lyft with Chance the Rapper, Deadpool "Dream in a Walk Three", Toddler with Spina Bifida for the first time
  • Weird: How to Become TripAdvisor # 1 Fake Restaurant

Advertising & Media

Winners in several categories:

  • Dream Crazy by Wieden + Kennedy: Integrated Campaign, Viral Marketing, Best Viral PR Campaign, Integrated Campaigns – Branded Entertainment
  • @ SeeLikeMenna by Saatchi & Saatchi: Best Cause Campaign, Native Advertising
  • Dundee: The Legend's Son Returns Home from Droga5: Travel Social Content Series and Campaigns, Integrated Campaigns 19659143] The Whopper Redirection of FCB New York: Brand Strategy Digital Campaigns Best Mobile Media Usage
  • Viva la Vulva by AMVBBDO: Health, Wellness, Pharmaceutical Branded Content Best Art Di rection
  • Exclusive Rainbow of DDB: Best Video Campaign Best Use of Well-Done Media

Single Winners:

  • Webby Award for Best Influencer Endorsements: BBDO New York's Monica Lewinsky – # DefyTheName Campaign
  • Webby People's Voice Award for Best Use of Machine Learning: HBO Westworld: The Maze
  • Experimental and Innovation: Accessibility Mat by GTB Brazil [19659154] Best Launch: The Wonderful Mrs. Maisel Carnegie Deli Pop Up by Tool
  • Campaign for the Best Purpose: #ExcuseMe by McCann NY
  • Social Media Campaign: Bacardi – Live Moves by BBDO New York
  • Art: Photo exhibit "Brain Drool 2018" by HAKUHODO Inc.
  • Best User Experience: Most Interesting Interview with Cummins & Partners
  • Public Service and Activism Branded Content: The Uncensored Playlist of MediaMonks [19659163] Corporate Social Responsibility: Minecraft Coral Crafters of 215 McCann
  • Branded Entertainment Shorthand: Taco Bell's Web of Frieze of German

Social [19659162] Webby Award for Celebrity / Fan: The Carter III Anniversary of Spotify
  • Webby Award for Best Overall Social Presence: NASA
  • Webby People's Voice Award for Athletes & Sports Teams: Gritty
  • Webby People's Voice Award for Civil Service and Activism: Girls Who Code – Sisterh >> d Campaign
  • Webby People's Voice Award for Celebrities / Fan: The Ellen DeGeneres Show
  • Webby Award and Webby People's Voice Award for Best General Social Presence: [19459018TheTonightShowwithJimmyFallon
  • Webby Award for Celebrity / Fan: Spotify Tha Carte Ray III's Spotify
  • Webby Award and Webby People's Voice Award for Television and Film: Schitt's Creek Social Media
  • Games
    • Webby Prize for Best Multiplayer – / Competition Games: Fortnite
    • Webby Award for Best Use of Augmented Reality: The Walking Dead: Our World
    • Webby Award for Adventure: ] Astroneer

    Podcasts & Digital Audio

    • Webby Award for Best Podcast Series: Slate Magazine Slow Burn Season 2
    • Webby People's Voice Award for Best Series: Webby Award for Best Moderator: Pod Save the People

    Mobile Sites & Apps

    • Webby Award for News & Magazines: The Guardian app for iOS and Android
    • Webby Award for Health, Fitness & Lifestyle: Headspace for Alexa
    • Webby Award for Sports: The Bleacher Report App
    • Webby People's Voice Award for Entertainment: Marvel Unlimited

    Online Movie & Video

    • Webby Award for Best Writing: Deadpool The Musical 2


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