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Here are Samsung's improvements for the Galaxy Fold

Samsung has worked tirelessly to improve the Galaxy Fold after temporarily suspending its release rollout plans after a series of problems surfaced when the scores came out. A report from the home country of Korea details these improvements.

The company appears to have solved both major issues that have been reported – things (such as dirt, lint, dust, sand, etc.) that it can get in the hinge and hang under the display, causing permanent damage leads. Likewise, people who were driven to remove a protective layer that was above the display because it looked similar to the average functioning of the plastic screen protector. This also led to damage to the display.

The latter problem was solved by Samsung sticking the ends of the protective film into the body of the phone. So, even if you wanted to pull it off, there is no easy starting point for it. Hopefully, this solution, coupled with a big warning in the box, will not remove the movie and this will result in the death of your newly purchased $ 1,980 phone, which will convince people not to try such a maneuver ,

On On the test equipment, the protective coating did not reach the end of the bezel, making tapping with a nail extremely easy.

Regarding the hinge situation, Samsung should reduce the distance between the two The upper and lower parts of the hinge to prevent the ingress of foreign objects. This will not 100% ensure that your precious new toy will not accumulate dust or lint, but it should still reduce your chances.

It's clear that at the next iteration of its foldable phone, Samsung will have to rethink the design of the hinge to make sure there are no durability issues like these. If you consider the Galaxy Fold to be just a kind of "beta" phone (like the Note Edge at the time), you could forgive those shortcomings. If you think of it as a $ 2,000 luxury item, not so much.

The improved units are currently being tested on Korean airlines. Samsung is expected to announce a new release date shortly. The revised model is due to go on sale sometime in June in its home country, and its domestic launch could take place before its launch in the US. While waiting for a chance to buy one yourself, check out our Samsung Galaxy Fold Test

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