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Here are the stocks Warren Buffett relies on for the long term

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway relies on companies such as Apple, Goldman Sachs, and American Express on a long-term basis, said the "Oracle of Omaha" to its shareholders on Saturday's annual letter.

1; a financial dispute that should be ended due to downgrades by "the Street", expected US Federal Reserve measures, possible political developments, forecasts by economists or whatever the topic may be. "

" What we see in our holdings is more of a gathering of companies in which we are partially involved and which, weighted about 20% on the net, earn substantial equity capital needed to conduct their business. These companies also earn their profits without excessive debt, "Buffett added.

His investments in 2018 did not have a great year because they did not have a good year in the fourth quarter, but the long-term investor remains unimpressed by short-term setbacks Buffett noted in the letter that Berkshire suffered a loss of $ 20.6 billion "due to a reduction in unrealized capital gains that existed in our investment holdings."

Berkshire's total investment in common stock at the end of 2018, at $ 172.75 billion, compared to $ 170.54 billion at the end of 2017.

The full list of Berkshire common shares will be listed at the end of 2018:

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