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Here's a little secret about Donald Trump's plans for tomorrow

"No, I probably will not watch, maybe I'll see a bit of it," Trump told reporters at the Oval Office on Monday. "I will not take care of Müller because you can not take all these bites out of the apple." We had no collusion, no obstacle. "

So he will not pay attention. Except maybe he's looking at a little something.

If you believe that, I have a newspaper printing industry that might interest you. Nothing but a win!

Consider what we know about this president:

1) He was cable-dependent long before his political career.

2) His television habits have not deteriorated in office. ̵
1; As adjutants, they have worked out "executive time" for Trump. Watch the subway and tweet about what he sees.

3) He has long focused on Muller and the broader specialist advice that has devoted hundreds of tweets over the past two years. Discrediting investigators and their findings

Just look at Trump's last days. He has repeatedly pointed to the upcoming hearing of Müller. Here is one :

"Robert Mueller should not get another bite on the apple in fierce conflicts.At the end, it will be bad for him and the wrong Democrats in Congress who have done nothing else As a result of the miller's report, NO COLLECTION, NO DISABILITY! "

On Tuesday, Trump added," I saw how Muller said tomorrow. How many times? Two-and-one – half a year! And actually, it started practically from the moment I came down the escalator. "

Ask yourself, spend a lot of time thinking about or talking about things you really do not care about are about? Of course not! If Trump really had no interest in Muller's statement – and really intended not to see it – he would mention neither Muller nor the hearing in the days before. Instead, he did the opposite.

The Point : Do not fool yourself: Donald Trump will most likely do exactly what I'm going to do tomorrow – he'll look at Müller's testimony every second.

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