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Here's everything we got from Netflix & # 39; Iron Fist & # 39; s; Season 2 have seen at Marvel's comic-con panel

Marvel's "Iron Fist" panel at the San Diego Comic-Con 2018 dropped on Thursday all sorts of new information about fans, not least of which was expected to see new episodes of the show – on Sept. 7, by the way ] The panel also showed some clips of the new season. First of all, it has improved combat scenes: "Iron Fist" has picked up "Black Panther" battle coordinator Clayton Barber to take control of the show's stunts, as shown in the footage we saw in Ballroom 20

The record really started when they unveiled Season 2's release on this teaser that the show later tweeted.

The first clip shown at Comic-Con was Danny Rand Finn Jones), aka Iron Fist, beat up a bunch of bad guys – and an armored car – in an impressive sequence that escalated further until he had to pull his bright yellow fist – with which he then hit the ground and knocked all of his

The second clip showed that we can expect more from Danny, who teamed up with Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) when the couple fought villains in a restaurant. Colleen beat bad guys in the back while Danny spoke to a few from the front, until he had to bring the pain against them.

On the record, Henwick has also raised something that fans have been waiting patiently for some time: the daughters of the dragon. This is a team-up between Colleen and Misty Knight (Simone Missick), a Harlem detective who is a main character in "Luke Cage" and "The Defenders." Colleen and Misty have been building a relationship for some time, and after the events of "Luke Cage" Season 2 it looks like the two are ready to play even superheroes.

We saw a clip of the couple facing a couple boss bosses, though they unfortunately did not fight them in tandem – Misty ran outside for reasons we did not specify in the clip, and Colleen faced the two Fighters themselves opposite. It was a bitter fight that Colleen threatened to lose. But of course she ended up getting the best from them. Misty ran outside and kicked another villain off a motorcycle.

Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb also revealed the role that Alice Eve will play in the show: the villain Typhoid Mary. In the comics, Typhoid Mary serves as an assassin for criminals, sports telekinetic forces, is sometimes a lover and sometimes an opponent of Daredevil, and suffers from several personalities. Marvel played a clip that showed Eve how Mary faced Colleen and Misty and generally blacked both out – she even managed to kill Misty for a moment. But just when things were really terrible, Misty came to Mary, drew a pistol and seemed to stop the fight for the moment. Although Mary is traditionally a villain, her role in "Iron Fist" Season 2 still seems to be quite ambiguous.

A final clip showed a flashback to K & un Lun, the mystical city where Danny became Iron Fist. It included Danny's best friend Davos (Sacha Dhawan) fighting each other for the opportunity to fight Shou-Lao. We know from the "Iron Fist" season 1 that Danny finally won the fight with Davos and managed to defeat Shou-Lao, becoming an immortal Iron Fist. Davos never really forgave him for that – and Season 1 pulled Davos into Danny's enemy.

In Ballroom 20 we saw most of this fight. It's a really brutal, lengthy affair, and certainly less supple than what we normally get from this show when Danny and Davos beat each other to death. Danny finally shows up exhausted when it's over.

In the comics, Davos becomes a villain known as a Steel Snake and "Iron Fist" Season 2 teases that he's on his way. On his Twitter account, the show shared a gif flickering a neon version of Danny's Iron Fist Insignia, revealing a red snake – Steel Serpent Insignia.

The very last clip we saw provided us with a clear answer, against Davos an unknown man in a nightclub. Finally, we see him finish the fight by drawing a red fist – the fist of the steel snake.

It seems almost certain that the K & # un-Lun clip will lessen the tensions between Danny and Davos and their later features. out. We will have to wait for the 7th of September to see how their battle will end and how Typhoid Mary and the Daughters of the Dragon will be part of the mix.

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