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Here's everything we know about the Hills Reunion at the MTV VMAs

It is the moment we have all been waiting for: The occupation of Hills finally has a reunification.

On Monday, the reality stars will reunite on the red carpet of the MTV VMA, eight years after the show's dramatic finale. Kristin Cavallari Heidi Pratt and the rest of the Hills crew are said to gather for a "reunion announcement" according to a source. [196592002] And while most of your favorite stars will be attending the star-studded event, there are some former cast colleagues who will not attend, such as Lauren Conrad .

Between the rearing of her little boy, William James Tell and the company's CEO, who is 32 years old, simply has no time. A source says, "Lauren is focusing on Kohl's line and charity work, which she is very passionate about."

"She is the chief designer of her cabbage line and has been working with them for 1

0 years. She flies several times a month across the country for her work," the insider explained.

Not to mention: "She's just opening her first store for Little Market."

On the other side of the spectrum, Lo Bosworth simply does not care to see their old friends. The lifestyle guru previously said she had been approached in February about a possible reunion, and she immediately responded with an emphatic "F-K-No."

"I do not want to have any connection with these people, the separation from all these people is what I'm hungry for," she told the podcasts host Lady Lovin .

She continued, "I think everyone really feels that way about their colleagues, which is really what the The Hills was, they were all just my fictitious coworkers, it was a job, a job . "

Obviously, this sentiment is not shared by the other [Hillsof performers, as they all have said otherwise.

Cavallari, for example, said to Heidi and Spencer Pratt : "I would love nothing better than a Hills reunion" while on their make Speidi famous again podcast.

Likewise, Whitney Port once reported E! News that she would like to meet, especially because she "would like to meet all babies".

Let's hope that this reunion is not as dramatic as it used to be.

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