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Here’s how to make your Train Commute Cheaper

Train travel is among the most environmentally-friendly and cost-effective means of getting from one place to another – but only if you do it in the right way. There are several ways of making your commuting life more cost-effective. And the more often you take the train, the more effective these measures will ultimately be.

Buy Early Season Tickets

The later you leave it to buy your season ticket, the more expensive they will be, and the less well-equipped you’ll be to deal with your finances. Season tickets can represent a substantial saving over buying daily, but managing the one-off cost might require a little bit of planning on your part.

Pay for your Season Ticket monthly

There are several ways of paying for a season ticket upfront, and keeping the instalments monthly. Most of them involve taking out a loan, whose interest amounts to less than the saving you’re making by buying the season ticket in one go. A better solution, ultimately, might be to save enough money to buy for the ticket, and putting aside the amount you would have spent each month, so that you have enough saved to pay for next year’s ticket.

Many employers will be keen to help their workforce out, here, by lending them an advance on wages to cover the cost of travel. If you think that your employer might fall into this category, then why not ask them the question?

Use Carnet Tickets

Carnet tickets are a collection of pre-paid tickets for a certain journey. They’re distinct from a season ticket, in that you won’t be obliged to pay for days you aren’t using, but they’re still enough to get you to work and back whenever you’re called in. If you don’t travel regularly, this makes excellent financial sense. As such, carnet tickets represent an appealing option for part-time workers and freelancers.

Ask Employer for More Flexibility

You might find that you’re paying over the odds on the train because your office hours tend to clash with those of everyone else. The result of this tends to be a longer and more stressful commute – but if you could just come in and leave an hour later, this might be avoided. In certain occupations, this is impossible. But often, it isn’t – and asking the question might help you to save big in the long-term. You might even find that you’re able to work from home, which will obviously save considerably in the long-term.