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Here's what keeps the Milky Way's huge black hole at bay

Overwhelming Power

Compared to other supermassive black holes scattered throughout the universe, the core of our galaxy mysteriously rests. And now NASA thinks it knows why.

A strong magnetic field in the center of the Milky Way is precisely aligned to protect the black hole of our galaxy, Sagittarius A *, from spewing or spitting high-energy radiation into the cosmos, the raw materials for new stars, according to a NASA press release , The magnetic fields of other black holes directly introduce nearby gas into them, heat the black holes and turn them into volatile cosmic furnaces.

How do they work?

NASA scientists used a new instrument called "High-Resolution Airborne Wideband Camera-Plus" at SOFIA, an observatory in the air housed in a Boeing 747 aircraft. The instrument gave NASA an overview of the activity of the magnetic field, worth 1

00,000 years, according to the press release.

"The spiral shape of the magnet The field directs the gas into orbit around the black hole," said Darren Dowell, the NASA scientist who led the new research, in the press release. "This could explain why our black hole is quiet while others are active."

Until NASA collected this data, scientists were not sure why Sagittarius A * was so quiet compared to others in surrounding galaxies. Now it seems that the bizarre magnetic field of our galaxy deserves recognition.

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