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Here's why training older adults should drink more water

According to a report presented at the American Physiological Society's Annual Meeting in Experimental Biology 2018, older people who drink more water after exercise reap more cognitive health benefits through exercise. Dehydration has been shown to impair performance and brain function in young people, but less well known about its effects on the elderly. According to the researchers, middle and older adults often have a truncated thirst sensation that exposes them to a risk of dehydration and, as a result, can reduce the cognitive health-related benefits of exercise.

For the study researchers recruited recreational cyclists, who were on average 55 years old. They were people who participated in a big cycling event on a warm day. The cyclists conducted a "trail-making" executive function test, in which numbered points were quickly and accurately linked with paper and pencil before and after the event. Exercise has been shown to improve mental health, including executive function.

The research team also tested volunteers' urine before training and divided it into two groups, normal hydration and dehydrated, based on their hydration status. The normal hydration group showed a marked improvement in the completion time of after-cycling after cycling as compared to its pre-cycle test. The dehydration group also completed its post-cycling test more quickly, but the time reduction was not significant.

Here are some healthy eating habits that older adults should follow to keep fit.


. In Search of Essential Nutrients

Make sure you eat a variety of foods to get all the essential nutrients you eat. Your plate should look colorful; this is the way for colorful fruits and vegetables to ensure a healthy meal. Contains lean protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables and low-fat dairy products

2. Always read the nutritional information

The healthiest foods are whole foods. When you eat packaged food, make sure you are a smart buyer. Always read the labels before choosing your purchase. Make sure you buy products that contain less fat, contain no sugar and no sodium

3. Stay hydrated

Water is one of the most important nutrients. In order to keep the body healthy, it is important to drink small amounts of fluid on a regular basis.

4. Use Recommended Portions

To maintain your health, you must eat the right amount of food for your age and body. Make sure you follow the recommended portions.

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