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“He’s the greatest ever”: Carmelo Anthony pecks between Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant

The ten-part documentaries that show the legacy of Michael Jordan certainly shook the basketball world. ‘The last Dance’ provided solid evidence of how MJ dominated the game on a large scale. Because of this, many people are now convinced that the Jumpman is the largest ever. Trail Blazer’s star Carmelo Anthony agrees to part of the discussion, but also wants everyone to respect the other players in the conversation.

The ten-time All-Star recently talked to him about his feelings about the debate CBS Sports. Melo spoke in a way that he didn̵

7;t want to lose what the NBA was seeing. “I don’t like it. And I say that because whenever we do, we don’t appreciate what we have in front of us.” Anthony told CBS Sports. Appreciating the past is a must, but enjoying the present is even more important, according to the 35-year-old.

Anthony’s two cents for the GOAT debate with Michael Jordan

The former Knicks star hesitated to voice his thoughts about the famous discussion about determining the best game in the NBA. Melo wants fans to appreciate everyone who plays the game in a way that people think is flawless. His slight inclination to give Michael Jordan the goat title was evident, however.

“You know, M.J. is the GOAT. It is the greatest ever. We all know that and we all agree. ” In addition, the former top scorer had a few insightful words to say about the rest of the process compared to MJ.

“Why can’t we say that, but give LeBron his flowers while he’s here?” Said Anthony. “Why can’t we say:” M.J. was very great, LeBron is very great, Kobe is very great. “We can’t say these things today because it’s always this or that, and that’s just our society – you have to choose one.”

Words of wisdom from the front that earned its own share of headlines in its heyday. Melo’s opinion offers the right perspective on how we should deal with this problem. Instead of tarnishing the other player to get our hero to the top, the right way to have this discussion is to learn to respect everyone who has contributed immensely to the game.

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James may not be the size of MJ and his accomplishments. However, they have made a name for themselves in the league. This helped overcome the influence of the NBA on a global level.

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