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"Hey Siri, which is India's # 1 premium smartphone?" asks OnePlus

We wonder if Apple's social media team will respond with a cheeky, homemade liner.

  OnePlus & # 39; Challenge to Apple OnePlus & dare to Apple

In its latest social media search on Apple's iPhone, the Chinese smartphone brand OnePlus has prompted Apple to launch Siri own voice assistant of the iPhone to ask for India's highest premium smartphone.

The body copy of the ad is "Hey, Siri, what is India's premium # 1

smartphone?" The ad was accompanied on Facebook and the post by a caption "iDare you".

OnePlus has thrown everything in this cheeky frontal attack that suffers a savage sight Bichromous strike – one in Apple's signature & # 39; i & # 39; and two at his popular vocal assistant, & # 39; Siri & # 39 ;.

But that's not it.

A third, even heavier blow awaits the landing – OnePlus relies on nosy internet users to go ahead and ask Siri to name the top pr Emium smartphone brand. We tried it … and voila!

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The result of the newsletter brought news of the rising sales of OnePlus in the United States premium smartphone category The news reports from an industry report from the international market analyst firm Counterpoint Research in 2018.

OnePlus is astounding at the much cited Market Review from Counterpoint Research in 2018 the integration of social media through OnePlus, easily accessible news content on the Internet, and the voice search feature of a rival's own voice assistant function.

However, it would be interesting to see if and how Apple responded to the & # 39; iDare & # 39 ;.

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First published: January 30, 2019 15: 6 pm

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