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High sulfur dioxide and sulfur fumes spill from Kilauea to the north

Video courtesy of USGS


    The lava flow from Rift 8 reached the ocean on Thursday in Kapoho, as shown in a satellite image of Sentinel 2


    The lava flow from column 8 poured into Kapoho Bay at 6:13 am on an overflight. It was reported that the sea entrance took place at 10.30 o'clock. Sunday


    The view of the Halemaumau Crater from the Observation Tower at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, Wednesday, 12:30


    USGS officials confirmed that the vacationland subdivision was completely covered by lava flows this morning on an overflight.


    Fissure 8 Source Wednesday in Hawaii


    This screenshot of the live video camera on Kilauea's summit shows the beginning of the ash eruption on Wednesday afternoon.

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    UPDATE: 1:00 pm

    In the Saddle Road area, visibility is limited due to the high levels of alluvium and sulfur dioxide from the fissure system moving to the north. The National Weather Service said that the vog is wedged in the saddle area. Visibility on some roads is a quarter mile.

    The inner and southern part of Hawaii Island is expected to increase levels of vogue by tonight.

    The Ministry of Health proposes to restrict outside activities and stay indoors if you have respiratory problems. Visit www.epa.gov/kilaueaairdata to monitor sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide.

    12 pm

    A US Geological Survey researcher said today that there are no signs of impending new vents in and around the Leilani Estates Puna, where two dozen tears have been opening, since Magma on May 3 pushed out of Kilauea's Lower East Rift Zone for the first time.

    "We have tracked the entire crack zone where it is under pressure and where new cracks can form." said Steve Brantley, deputy senior scientist at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

    "In recent weeks, the entire Rift zone has been stable and there has been a nice steady stream of magma moving through the trench zone and outbreak at Fissure 8," with no signs of pressurization elsewhere, "Brantley said during a telephone meeting at 11:00 am with reporters.

    The USGS conducted overflights of the eruption area three times a day, as well as performing Fiels d'Observations. Crews look for new cracks in the ground, see if any existing cracks expand or lengthen longer stretches, and check that temperature and steam output are rising – all signs that magma is approaching the surface.

    "So far, we have not seen much change in those cracks where the fissures are now," he said [19659017] Lava fountains and river from the Lower East Rift Zone are in the same strength as in the last one to two weeks, with most of the action in Fissure 8, say te Brantley.

    Lava from this vent continues to fountains and feeds a mile-wide river front into the ocean at Kapoho.

    The latest Kilauea outbreak has destroyed 600 houses.

    9:45 am

    This morning, high levels of sulfur dioxide and sulfur dioxide are swarming around the island of Hawaii and hanging over the saddle.

    Officials of the Civil Protection Department of Hawaii advise the public to cautiously drive areas because of poor visibility in the affected areas. The inner and southern part of the island is expected to have elevated levels by tonight.

    Due to volcanic emissions and changing wind conditions, Civil Defense offers the following guidance:

    >> The Ministry of Health recommends limitation If you have breathing problems, stay out and stay indoors.

    >> Stay alert and be prepared to leave the area if conditions change.

    >> N-95 masks that have been distributed are for ashes or bird dust and will NOT protect against gases and vapors, including SO2

    >> You can monitor sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide on the island of Hawaii by visiting the website Visit http://www.epa.gov/kilaueaairdata.

    Strong lava fountaining at Fissure 8 continues, reaching overnight heights of up to 220 feet, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory officials report. There were no significant changes in the flow field of fissures 8 observed in the overflight this morning. And although there is no lava activity from the other fissures, fissure 24 is glowing and fissures 24, 9 and 10 are "heavily fuming," the HVO said.


    Weather officials expect winds to shift southeast this morning to Saturday morning, hurling ash into the west and northwest of Kilauea.

    Traces of ash and pele hair are expected to fall over North Kau, Puna, South Hilo and the saddle.

    5 am

    Another small explosion occurred early in the morning on the Kilauea peak, producing a moderate ash cloud.

    The explosion occurred at 2:44 pm and was accompanied by a man-magnitude 5.2 earthquake centered 4 miles southwest of Volcano at a depth of 1 kilometer, according to the US Geological Survey. The ash cloud that followed reached less than 10,000 feet.

    No tsunami was generated.



    The Mayor of Hawaii, Harry Kim, says lava from volcano Kilauea has destroyed more than 600 houses since the beginning of last month.

    Kim told reporters in Hilo today that the total number includes about 320 homes in the coastal community of Kapoho. It also contains all homes in Vacationland.

    Kilauea started breaking out lava in a shared apartment on May 3. Since then, lava has poured out of huge cracks in the earth and down to the ocean.

    Hawaii Gov. David Ige says The state gave the county 12 million dollars to help him respond to the outbreak.

    He says it will help to pay for overtime, food and equipment, stating that rural workers work around the clock for almost 40 days.


    While a mandatory eviction order continues for Leilani Estates, Pomaikai Street and to the east, the Hawaii Civil Defense Department today suspended the curfew west of Pomaikai.

    Access is limited to residents

    A community meeting on volcanic ash and volcanoes will take place this evening at 7 pm in the volcano at the Cooper Center.

    10 am

    In just three days, the lava is near 500 homes in Vacationland and Kapoho Beach Lots in Pahoa.

    "It hurts like hell," said Mayor of Hawaii, Harry Kim, during a meeting with the civil protection division of the District of Hawaii. "What we lost is the most beautiful place in the world."

    Lava has overrun the entire vacationland, which has about 150 to 160 houses. In Kapoho Beach Lots about 320 of 350 houses have disappeared.

    Civil defense spokeswoman Janet Snyder said that Kim is estimated to need at least $ 5 million to repair damaged roads.

    9:15 19659016] The lava sources in column 8 fluctuated overnight, said Hawaiian volcano observatory representatives, reaching heights of up to 230 feet.

    The activity of Fissur 8 continues to feed a lava channel that flows east to Kapoho Bay. Although the northern lobe of the Fissure 8 river does not receive significant amounts of lava, and the formerly active lobe on the west side of the Four Corners ash pit is now inactive, Lava invades the ocean along a broad front around Kapoho Bay and Vacationland.

    No further tears are active


    "Strong" lava eruptions continue this morning in the lower East Rift Zone, as Crevasse 8 remains very active, according to the Hawaiian Civil Protection Agency ,

    Lava entering the ocean along the coastline of Kapho continues to produce a large rotten flag.

    5 o'clock

    Lava continued on Wednesday at Fissure 8, reaching heights between 130 and 210 feet [19659017MeanwhiletheLavawentinOceantotheVacationlanddepartmentTheLavafromthemaincanalinKapohoffeedstheNordlappennotbefore3am

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    Given the dynamic nature of the Kilauea eruption of the Lower East Rift Zone, with alternating vents, incipient and fractional fissures, and varying lava flow rates, the map details shown here are correctly the date (s) Time Shaded purple areas indicate lava flows that occurred in the years 1840, 1955, 1960 and 2014-2015 (see large map).

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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