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Hillary Clinton spokesman beats Pete Buttigieg for criticizing the 2016 campaign

Buttigieg, who weighs a bid for 2020, said in an interview with Washington Post Magazine published in January, "Donald Trump was elected because of his twisted manner of alerting to the huge problems in our economy and our democracy He added, "At least he did not go around saying that America was already great, as Hillary did."

Nick Clinton's counselor and spokesman Nick Merrill described Buttigieg's months-old comments as "unsustainable."

"This is unjustifiable. @HillaryClinton started from a belief in this country and the most advanced platform of modern political history, trumping pessimism, racism, false promises and vitriol, interpreting it the way you want, but there are 66,000,000 people disagreeing. Good luck, "Merrill on Twitter .

Buttigieg, 37, has formed an Inquiry Committee for the President, and if elected, he would be the youngest president in US history and the first married gay president.

Buttigieg has recently learned about the 2016 election cycle and said in an interview with The Breakfast Club, a New York radio program, "We've spent far too much time on our site, I think He talks about it. "He added," Our whole message was not to vote for him because he is terrible, and even if he is, this is not news. "

Grady Keefe, a former foreman of Clinton, criticized Buttigieg as well wrote on Twitter : "It is unfortunate if people who are as smart as @PeteButtigieg are involved in this fantasy fiction over the year 2016 participate community. "

Buttigieg's spokesman had no comment when it was reached by CNN.

In an interview with CNN's Van Jones on "The Van Jones Show," Buttigieg recently said that he is a small town mayor in a red state and what he believed motivated voters to vote for Trump in 2016.

He said he believes "there is hostility to the system, the economic and political system in which we live – and the part of what motivated some of these voters is not wrong."

"Do not get me wrong "I do not apologize for some of the explicit appeals of racism that were made and in some cases worked," he continued, "but at the same time." We also have time to recognize that when we get out – when (Trump) says the system is manipulated, and the way he says it is twisted and not really true, but there is a core of truth in it – and we look like we're the ones who say, oh no, the system is perfectly fine – then we have a problem. "

He said the Democrat you are" experiencing this temptation to say, first, you know, that is chaos – the White House is messy, we can not go on, it rips us, this part is t true.

"But the second part, which is tempting, is to say – so let's go back. Let's return to normality – the problem is normal that many people did not work, "he said.

" For decades, the Presidents of the Republicans and the Democrats have failed us, and the Democrats can not make it to the Nor does it take back to the 1950s, just as conservatives can not bring it back to the 1950s.

The interview with Jones is scheduled to air on CNN at 7:00 pm ET

CNN's Dan Merica added to this report.

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