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His worst nightmare: Trump's life under a legal microscope

Days of court records, beaten witnesses, harmful disclosures and sentencing hearings last month have led to strikes that put Trump and key employees at a deep legal and political risk.

But the head-turning crowd of material Robert Müller and other states, whipped up by a special prosecutor, often obscure the image of a presidency surrounded by a scandal that varies in breadth.

Then there is a civil claim claimed by democratically run states Since Trump has refused to completely dispose of his business, he uses his position to benefit from deals in his hotel chain that violate the Constitution violated.
The many investigative layers become more comprehensive with several committees in the new areas The Democratic House will begin next year overseeing Trump's personal finances, the political operation and the White House.

Many of those who have chosen to align them Elves with Trump have since violated the law, sometimes for crimes that are not related to the President, but have provided prosecutors with an insight into his own behavior.

His former election chairman Paul Manafort is in jail. His former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen will be behind bars next year. His deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates is now a Confessor. George Papadopoulos, a former member of his foreign policy advisory board, just got out of jail after a blow. His former national security advisor, Michael Flynn, can only avoid the prison after he has turned against his former boss.
Questions about Trump's longtime political adviser Roger Stone, including what he knew when he knew about Wikileaks e-mail dumps. And people even closer to Trump, like his son Don Jr. and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, can not be sure they're clear, though everyone, including the president, professes innocence and prohibits Mueller's investigation ,

Yet Mueller's success in obtaining plea offers from Flynn, Gates, and Cohen adds to the president's apparent legal risk.

In one of the surrealistic twists of the Trump presidency, a conversation is being held in Washington over how Trump could win reelection in order to pass a statute of limitations for the allegations of campaign funding.

This trail of dishonesty and deception is evident even before Muller has put forward the potentially most explosive results – whether he has found evidence that the President has found campaign with Russia, and whether he will justice in shooting the former FBI chief James Comey hampered and made an attempt to thwart Muller.

A scandal-plagued presidency

  Michael Cohen He was sentenced to three years in prison after he admitted he had covered up Trump's Dirty Deeds

A full assessment of the depth of Trump's political and legal constraints may not be clear until next year. However, according to the CNN report, the president has already expressed concern that he may be accused.

But even if all the investigations were now closed and he was free of all wrongdoing, Trump would still be reminded that he was one of the most presided presidential presidencies in modern history.

Trump and his followers claim that there is no smoking weapon and that the president's problems are all due to rogue prosecutors from the "deep state" who have always hated Trump. Presidential cheerleaders on conservative channels have since claimed that voters' democratic will is in danger of being overwhelmed by "false news" media that are hostile to them.

"Nobody but me would be considered like that" Nobody, "Trump said in a Fox News interview this week, referring to allegations he told Cohen to pay women to do business with him on his campaign

Trump's adviser Kellyanne Conway insisted on Thursday at CNN's Chris Cuomo Trump's suspected enemies in the media deliberately ignored his arguments that he had not violated the law.

"It's important and credible to the rest of the country "Except for the people who are so blinded by their hatred of him that they wish it. He will not be a president if they just close their eyes and click three times on their heels," she said, "Get rid of it."

Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani offers the defense that Cohen should not be believed because he is a convicted liar.

However, the mounting evidence of Müller and other prosecutors makes the rejection of guilt against Trump and his supporters less credible.

As more damaging details emerge, Trump devotes himself to his habitual practice of giving up an untenable position and constructing a new reality that suits him better.

Trump denied that he knew of any silent payments worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Well, he says he did not ask Cohen to break the law.

"As a lawyer, Michael has a huge responsibility for me!" Trump tweeted on Thursday.

But the narrative that Cohen is a liar, Trump clearly ignores the crucial details of Mueller's submissions.


The Special Prosecutor has made clear in court documents that he confirms for the assertion of his co-operating witness Cohen. The President's fixer also said so on Friday.

"There is a considerable amount of information they have, which confirms the fact that I am telling the truth," Cohen said in an interview with ABC News.

Trump repeats The mantra of "no collusion" with the Russians also looks increasingly worn out. There were several contacts between Trump's employees and Russians during the campaign and the transition – at least 16 according to CNN's report.

And many of these employees have since lied about the interactions and gave the impression that they want to cover up something

The President's allegations that he has nothing to do with Russia were undermined by revelations in the case of Cohen that he had one Potentially lucrative deal aimed at building a luxury tower in Moscow, deep into a campaign that was also the goal of interference of the Kremlin spies.

And Mueller is clearly examining whether there is a connection between Trump's actions and Russia's interference.

In a conviction report earlier this month, he wrote that the Trump Tower project "occurred at a time of constant efforts by the Russian government to interfere in the US presidential election."

Of course, this is all possible Trump's staff worked outside the knowledge of the president. Statements made in documents filed by Mueller and other jurisdictions are subject to prosecution and may not specify mitigating circumstances that Trump may use in its defense

It is unclear at this time whether the US law firm is located in the southern district of New York is able to prove that Trump Cohen has knowingly asked to break the financial laws of his election campaign.

But the idea that Trump did not know anything – of Russia's attempts to infiltrate his campaign, of silence payments or other important aspects of cases in which it is involved seems unlikely, given his omnipotent role in his inner circle.

And, if one should believe Mueller, he has already lied about key aspects of the Russia investigation and its interaction with Cohen.

Yet many lawyers I believe that the President, if he detects misconduct, is immune from prosecution because of his unique constitutional position.

If it turns out to be his only crime in campaign funding, it is unlikely that Democrats in Parliament will risk a process of impeachment based on charges that can not achieve "high crimes and offenses".

So far, Trump's support of the Republicans in the Senate, where a subsequent impeachment would take place, has been trumpeted.

Whether this would lead to a collapse if Mueller wrote a devastating report that causes Trump's political power base to break as the elections approach in 2020 remains untested.

There has been much talk about the President's legal engagement in the country. In recent days, the true extent of his liability remains to be seen.

For the moment, however, it is clear that the president's legal and political position is far more dangerous than a few weeks ago, and he has cause for concern over a riot of investigations deep into his private, personal, business, and political life dig.

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