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Hochman: Goldschmidt goes well with Cardinals | Benjamin Hochman

JUPITER, Fla. • He was born the year they last joined the World Series together. Considering that many of Paul Goldschmidt's life prescriptions coincide with great years in Cardinals history – high school graduation in 2006, debut in the big league in 2011, first all-star game in 201

3 – and he was born in the fall of 1987 when Ozzie Smith and Willie McGee won the pennant.

And on Monday, Goldschmidt went with Ozzie and Willie, only three of them, from the exercise diamonds to the Spring Training Clubhouse, following Goldschmidt's first full-time training session with the St. Louis Cardinals.

"Yeah, it's pretty cool," said Goldschmidt, whose goal is to make 2019 another great year for himself and the Cardinals, this time for the same reason. "There are many (retired stars) in St. Louis and with this organization, so it will be fun to see the guys around and get to know them. But it is definitely a business attitude. And if there's something these guys can see and improve, I'm all ears. And that's fun. There are many new eyes.

Eyes watch him – teammates, legends, coaches, fans, media, team leaders – and he looks back, while Goldschmidt picks up everything that makes up Cardinals Spring Training. Goldschmidt said he will not speak publicly about a contract renewal, one that has not yet been officially offered, but every Goldschmidt benchmark in his first spring in Florida, such as his first full-time training, causes amazement and wonder. [19659003] "Hey, Paul," a boy shouted in a high voice. "Let's have a look at some bombs!"

Unfortunately, Goldschmidt's first effort during a live brawl was not even a categorical one-shot. The big righty kicked in on Brett Cecil, who promptly hit three balls. Goldschmidt then saw a strike pass before going for a walk in the next field (incidentally, it was later discovered that Cecil was ill). And in Goldy's second racket, he built a ball back on the pitcher and the sudden slugger-slayer Mike Mayer.

Numerous fans watch every movement of Goldschmidt, from the start to the first base up to – wait, he comes away !? – Sign autographs. The 3-hour All-Star approached the fence in the field and gently warned a young girl that the gate door would slowly swing on her, not the field. And then Goldschmidt stretched out his big paws and kept signing his famous name as his eyes widened.

"The expectations of the fans are high," said Goldschmidt in his first planned spring interview. "Rightly so. And hopefully we'll go out and play well, give them a good show and find a way to win a lot of games. "

Goldschmidt is very polite, even though he is intentionally guarded in interviews." "I'm just trying to make the team win." But he is more open-minded with some of his teammates, coaches and managers – and has been for months.

I had independent talks with him about text or speech and he actually initiated many of them, "said Mike Shildt, manager of Cardinals. "And they are not short talks. And they are not forced. He's a baseball guy, that's my point. The detail. He attacks Stubby (Clapp) to improve things, get leads and turns, and very specific things – nuances. This is a generation fanbase. There are people who understand the game clearly, are respectful and expect a good baseball brand. Basically healthy. They see that in Goldy. So it's a great marriage.

After Shildt talked to his new first baseman, the manager sometimes came to some other coaches. Goldschmidt's investigation was a bit dizzy.

"They are like – wow!" Shildt said. "We all value passion, right? We value people who love what they do. And we love it when someone brings passion and ability together. A lot of respect and we enjoy being part of it. "

Shildt said Goldschmidt was" in a sense central ", this great, modest bat.

" Many times, the exaggeration does not apply to what is real – in that case, it was outdone, "he said Skipper on the Monday before training. "He came in and was incredibly engaging, thoughtful and proactive. He's really smart and he's really dedicated to what we do and how we do it. He exceeded the expectations before we even came to the field. "

And he climbed onto the field, all the eyes in the camp saw the same thing – this presence.

Well, last year around this time, there was a lot of talk about the arrival of Slugger Marcell Ozuna. He was the missing presence. Ozuna was below average in an unequal season in 2018. But Ozuna lost a big year. Goldschmidt has a great career, so to speak. Oh, and Ozuna is back with St. Louis. None of the thugs is under contract after 2019. The cards have publicly made it clear that they want to sign Goldschmidt. No. 46 does not talk about it, but on an official day, he seems happy to see this new world, the St. Louis Cardinals, both the current World Series contenders and the stars of the past World Series.


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