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Holidays: The famous beach of Thailand, Maya Bay, is closed indefinitely after tourist damage travel

Thailand vacationers will be saddened to hear that the popular destination Maya Bay remains closed indefinitely.

The movie The Beach, released in 2000 with Leonardo DiCaprio, made the beautiful place famous, but damages enforced by tourists authorities close the beach in June.

The closure was scheduled to be temporary, with Maya Bay reopening this month, but today Thailand's Ministry of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Protection (DNP) announced the bay on Koh Phi Phi Leh remains indefinite Time closed.

Thailand has become popular with backpackers and luxury resort tourists, increasing damage to the island and corals.

Also on the banks plastic has accumulated when tourists throw their waste into the ocean

planned four-month closure, which should follow a rejuvenation program that would revive the decimated coral reefs, install additional jetties and more

But in A letter from the DNP, signed by Director-General Thanya Nethithammakul, announced the marine ecosystem needs more time to recover.

"The ecosystem and the physical structure of the beach are not yet fully restored," the letter says.

The announcement added that the closure would be extended from October. "until the natural resources are back to normal."

Maya Bay is part of the Noppharat Thara-Mu Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi National Park.

According to the DNP, the park would register 201

million visitors 8, an annual increase of half a million

tourists come for sunbathing, snorkeling and photos of the beautiful place.

The closure will make the travel industry one of the largest economies in Thailand

Boat trips go regularly to the island, with an estimated 5,000 tourists a day with small speedboats and larger party boats.

Maya Bay has no hotels and staying on the island is not allowed.

Twitter users have grappled with their thoughts on the closure of the beach on social media.

"One of the most beautiful places in the world … nice to see some patience for the restoration, against the pressure of tourist dollars," a person tweeted. [19659002] Another commented: "Rapid growth in # tourism is helping economic growth, but is also damaging its #ecological development.

" I'm so glad that #Thailand understood that and made a big greeting to their decision to graduate the tourist visits to #Mayabay for an indefinite time! As long as it lasts! Thailand is by no means the only country suffering from over-tourism: Santorini in Greece struggles to cope, while record 32m tourists land on the shores, while Amsterdam has scary bike rides and Venice has takeaway shops in the city forbidden to open.

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