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Home match Nielsen calls unusually for border guards

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                  In his November 22 message, Homeland Security Minister Kirstjen Nielsen urges" [s] "with respect that" available departments "divert any available civilian law enforcement personnel to Southwest Border. "| Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images </p>
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A DHS memo received from POLITICO calls on several other Cabinet Departments to send plainclothes officers to the US-Mexico border to stop" caravans "of migrants. 19659005] By GABBY ORR and ELIANA JOHNSON

The Minister of State Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, has already scheduled the deployment of civilian law enforcement officers from various other Cabinet divisions to the US-Mexico border next week Mexico demanded According to POLITICO internal memo.

What current and former US officials said was This being an unprecedented step, the officers – who in most cases have duties that have nothing to do with border security – would help Border Patrol agents to fine-tune what was stated in the memo as "Central American caravans with a migration background " referred to as.

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The motion suggests that staff with such duties as guarding diplomats, patrolling national parks and protecting nuclear weapons could become a customs and border guard, as was a former Ministry of Justice official with the authority to arrest cross-border commuters formulated.

Although the White House's position on the motion is unclear, such a move would be Trump's recent extraordinary effort to tackle border security, which President Donald Trump has increasingly called an immigration crisis. In particular, Trump has recently portrayed a northbound caravan as an attempted "invasion" of the US. However, there is little evidence that existing border guards are unable to prevent members of the caravan currently in Mexico from entering the country. [19659008Ahigh-rankingDHSofficialsaidthattheauthenticityofthememoconfirmedthattheMinistryofForeignAffairshassentofficialstotheborderandthattheDHSworkisactivelycooperatingwithotherdepartmentsontheavailabilityofresourcesforprosecution

The memo was sent to those responsible for the Ministries of Labor, Energy, Transport, Home Affairs and Justice.

In recent months, Trump has ordered thousands of active military men to military service. However, they are prevented by a law known as the Posse Comitatus Act from participating in searches or arrests. Civilians in the departments mentioned by Nielsen would not face such a restriction.

"The government seems to acknowledge that under Posse Comitatus … the military can not do anything at the level of enforcement. So they say, "Let's take so many law enforcement people and bring them to the border," said Leon Fresco, former head of the Office of Immigration Litigation of the Justice Department under the Obama administration.

The move is part of What Trump and the White House's leading White House immigration adviser, Stephen Miller, told government officials, is a major effort to prevent members of the latest caravan from entering the country. In her view, the admission of caravan asylum seekers to the United States would set a dangerous precedent by this time and make thousands of caravans with a migrant background the new normal for illegal immigration.

In the November 22 memo, Nielsen "respectfully petition [s] that the departments" station any available law enforcement civil servants … to the Southwest border "at the Customs and Border Protection outposts in California, Arizona, and Texas ,

Nearly every federal agency employs special agents who are fully accredited law enforcement officers and can enforce laws relevant to their authority as well as any other federal law.

"According to the President's instructions to do everything in our power to secure US borders, I ask you for help and ask you to set priorities to prevent illegal entry into the United States," Nielsen wrote. [P19659023] <img data-lazy-img = "https://static.politico.com/dims4/default/b6f31ca/2147483647/legacy_thumbnail/90×49%3E/quality/90/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fstatic. politico.com% 2Fc6% 2F06% 2F31dfffc74402ae88f201d2212458% 2F181130-trump-trudeau-gty-773.jpg "width =" 90 "height =" 49 "src =" data: image / gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAAAAA5ABEKAAEALAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw == "alt =" Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, US President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau [19659025] The memo comes at a time when Nielsen struggles to keep her job in Trump's longstanding frustration because she believes that it is unable to crush the southern border crossings.

The White House chief of staff, John Kelly, was listed among the recipients of the memo, although it is unclear whether the request was approved by the White House Attorney's Office, which in recent weeks has had dozens of meetings on the admission of whites House has responded to the situation at the border.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment.

Officers described in detail at the Southwest Frontier would primarily help the CBP carry out their mission in the field to senior DHS officials instead of performing "secular duties" or assisting with the paperwork in the ports of entry.

"They would use their existing law enforcement agencies to help us with the prosecution," the official said, declining to specify how many civilian law enforcement officials have provided the DHS from each agency. Nielsen had not included any figure in her memo but described the motion as "part of a wider effort to maximize the use of state civilian law enforcement personnel", even from her own agency.

It is not uncommon for federal employees to do this between jumping agencies. For example, several White House officials were hired by the State Department when Minister Mike Pompeo took office. Others were temporarily housed with the Ministry of Justice and other authorities, a government official familiar with the practice.

However, the Customs and Border Guard rarely receives this type of support. "CBPs that get details specifically from other agencies are very unusual," said Fresco. "And I've never heard of this special mission before."

A former White House official described the move as an "exceptional measure," but coincides with the Trump administration's approach.

So far, the Trump government has revealed new rules restricting asylum claims of migrants (although the rules have been temporarily repealed by a federal court). called for an agreement with the new Mexican government that asylum seekers in Mexico would have to wait until their claims could be heard in the US; dispatched more than 5,000 military personnel to the border and authorized these troops to use, if necessary, lethal force to protect the immigration officers.

"Mexico should bring flag-waving migrants, many of whom are cold offenders, back to their countries. Do it by plane, by bus, do it anyway, but you do NOT come to the US. We will close the border permanently if we have to, "wrote the President on Twitter Monday

. Critics accused Trump earlier this week of violating international human rights standards after border guards shot tear gas into a group of migrants some of whom were children when a peaceful border march worsened in chaos. Trump and Nielsen defended the decision on the grounds that CBP agents would be stopped.

"First, the tear gas is a very subordinate form of tear gas. It's very safe, "Trump told reporters.

Depending on how many law enforcement officials were sent to the border to support the CBP, a DHS official said the removal of some troops could be speeded up Already reported by POLITICO, all military personnel stationed at the border are expected to return home before Christmas, although the Pentagon later said that "no specific timetable for redeployment has been established."

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