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Homemade missile launches thousands of feet in the air

  Homemade Rocket
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With the advent of companies like SpaceX, space travel is no longer limited to state space agencies. It seems that the average citizen could also build a homemade rocket – at least according to "Mad" Mike Hughes. Do not expect him to put you in orbit!

Mike Hughes, a self-taught rocket scientist who believes the earth is flat, jumped in the air with a homemade rocket – and he also came down in one piece. While it is not advisable to build your own self-made rocket, he seems to have done the research – at least enough so as not to hurt yourself.

On Saturday, Mike Hughes trailed at 1875 feet in the air homemade rocket before making a crash landing in the Mojave Desert. In an interview with the Associated Press, he explained that despite some back pain, he was fine after the start.

Mike Hughes, after being dismissed unharmed by the paramedics, said he was "relieved" by people who said I had rattled off and not built a rocket. I have enough of the stuff. I manned and did it. "

The launch of Mike Hughes' homemade rocket was originally scheduled to take place in November but had to be postponed several times due to logistical issues with the Bureau of Land Management and several others however, considering the effort to make sure his homemade rocket paid off, Hughes managed to land a landing with nothing more than a little back pain.

"Crazy" Mike picked up a camper, turned it into a ramp, and changed it's to start at a vertical angle so that he would not back down on public land.This project is months in the making, and many evenings spend his own rocket in his garage.

It almost looked like this As if the start on Saturday would be another bust, due to the fact that the wind was blowing and the rocket was He quickly lost steam, but sometime around 15 o'clock PDT Hughes strapped himself into the rocket and ascended into the air.

The self-made rocket reached a speed of about 350 miles per hour before pulling its parachute. Things looked a bit sketchy at first, Hughes fell faster than expected – and made him use the second one. He landed rather unceremoniously, and the nose of the rocket broke in two – exactly as it was planned.

Although Hughes has been working on this project for quite some time, he has received considerable resistance to his home-made rocket. Many people reacted negatively to his plans, even calling him a hotspot to plan the launch of a homemade rocket and his belief that the world was flat. While there is much evidence to prove that the world is not flat, it seems that Hughes was right in his capacity to catapult himself with a homemade rocket.

While we're probably far from the one average person who builds a rocket that can launch into orbit from their garage, it's cool to see a self-made rocket make it that high, and by carefully engineering their passenger without it Brings scratches to the earth.

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