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HomePod can receive call support and multiple timers

The beta reportedly handles a relatively small but important requirement: multiple timers. As with Amazon and Google, you could set a timer for the vegetables on the stove and another for roasting in the oven. Other enhancements include a HomePod version of Find My iPhone, support for Spanish languages, and a "Fix WiFi" feature that connects the HomePod to your iPhone's network if there is a departure (you had to reset your HomePod before) to fix this)] There is no guarantee that these features will be the breakthrough for Apple's usual round of software updates in the fall, provided they're doing the cut. Apple took months to bring multi-speaker stereo and AirPlay 2 to the HomePod, although both were promising in 201

7. And these would not solve some of the bigger problems with the HomePod, such as missing speech recognition for multiple users. If this proves to be correct, the HomePod would be a simpler sale for people who want more than a pimped music player.

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