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Hong Kong Leader Publicly Apologizes for Extradition Bill

HONG KONG – Backpedaling under mounting public pressure, Hong Kong's top leader publicly apologized on Tuesday for proposing contentious legislation that would allow extradition to mainland China.

"I would like to add my sincere apologies to the citizens of Hong Kong, "Carrie Lam, the chief executive of Hong Kong, said at a news conference at government headquarters. "I could have done better, I should have done a better job."

Mrs. Lam, who had already announced the bill's indefinite suspension, said on Tuesday that there were public disputes over its contents, it would not be resumed.

So she said that she would not resign, but acknowledge that

About 100 people gathered outside the offices of the central government and listened to Mrs. Lam's words boom from a loudspeaker. Many booed as she spoke.

Samuel Chan, an electronics trader, said he did not believe Mrs. Lam was listening to the demands of protesters,

"They are just responding Mr. Chan, 56. "Not the people's wants."

Mrs. The following three large-scale protests over the past 10 days. [194559005] On [194559005] On a larger scale than on the previous day, on on a larger scale than on one of the seven million people Mrs. Lam, who is known for

"The chief executive is apologized

That's not enough to satisfy Mrs. Lam's many critics.

Its first priority, however, is that the government drops all charges against

The police have arrested 32 people since Wednesday, when the Hong Kong legislature turned violent.

The Hong Kong police commissioner, Lo Wai-chung, said on Monday evening that the government would pursue its activities involved in the violence.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Lam did not elaborate on Mr. Lo's remarks except for those who protested peacefully would not face legal action.

Some Mrs. Lam, a lifelong civil servant, because of her political appearance, Paul Chan, has a reputation for being even more strongly pro-Beijing.

Others are adamant that Mrs Lam step down. They contend that the Hong Kong public should express themselves in favor of the current system, in which a pro-Beijing committee of 1,200 people selects the chief executive.

Protesters made equal demands for five years ago, when they are major roadways for almost three months in what is known as the Umbrella Movement. While this movement did not achieve its short-term objectives, it has a major influence on this year's anti-extradition protests.

Emily Lau, a former Chairwoman of the Democratic Party, is silent on influential voice on democracy issues, said the Ms. Lau said. "It would be a disaster to call Mr. Lam's resignation."

Ms. Lau said. Paul Chan, maybe Carrie should stay. '"

Many critics have called for the extradition. Otherwise, experts say, it could not be rebuilt at any time, even though it does not plan to do so.

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