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Hong Kong protesters apologize for chaos at the airport

HONG KONG – Protesters began to apologize for disruptions at Hong Kong Airport on Wednesday as violence and chaos and a court order threatened to eliminate the transportation hub as one of its most effective venues For demonstrations.

Protests led to the airport, one of the busiest in the world, interrupting check-in this week for two consecutive days, causing hundreds of flight cancellations and striking a mark on Hong Kong's efficiency and economic importance.

The airport said on Wednesday that at 2 pm The demonstrations at the airport began on Friday and remained peaceful for days as the demonstrators presented their arguments to many of the 200,000 passengers who were served daily. Some travelers complained when flights were interrupted on Monday, but others said that the move to protect civil liberties in Hong Kong was more important than their inconvenience.

However, on Tuesday, more ugly scenes developed when there were some clashes between demonstrators and travelers, who were locked for the first time in front of the departure gates. In the evening, as tensions mounted, some demonstrators tied and beat two mainland Chinese men, one of whom was presumably a security guard, while the other turned out to be a reporter for a Communist Party newspaper. 19659002] Riot police briefly entered the airport's entrance doors, and one of them, after a fight with demonstrators, withdrew his pistol but did not fire.

Here is a guide on what prompted the Hong Kong protests and how they developed .

On Wednesday, protesters seemed to be fully aware of the negative image they had presented. "We apologize for our behavior, but we're just too scared," reads a post on a news channel used by protesters, which was widely used in other social media. "Our police shot us, the government betrayed us, social institutions have failed us. Please help us. "

" Please take our sincere apologies to all travelers, press reporters, paramedics, "read another post. "We will learn from our mistakes. Please give us a second chance to prove to us that we can be better.

A spokesperson of the Hong Kong and Macao Office, the Chinese government agency that deals with the two cities, denounced the violence at the airport on Wednesday in a statement calling it "behavior in the vicinity" to terrorism. "

Some Protesters said recent police tactics, including covert police officers who appear to dress as demonstrators to make arrests, contributed to a sense of fear. "The video of a recent arrest showed police officers wearing a black T-shirt and wore a yellow helmet and dragged the bloody face of a demonstrator onto the sidewalk.

"We hope everyone, including de I also understand the stress, panic, suspicion and unrest in the crowd at the airport since the Hong Kong police admitted to masking a certain number of officials as demonstrators to arrest her. "Claudia Mo, a pro-Democratic lawmaker, said at a news conference on Wednesday.

The Hong Kong Airport Authority claimed to have received a restraining order to prevent disruption of airport operations. It was not clear what immediate impact the order would have on the protests. Similar instructions were given to workers, under the supervision of police officers and bailiffs, to dismantle protest camps during the major demonstrations for democracy held in 2014 in Hong Kong.

On Wednesday morning, several dozen protesters stayed in the airport, sitting in an area for protests. Parts of the arrivals hall were still covered with posters with their messages, which in recent days have focused on complaints about the use of police force.

"We are not rioters, we just love HK too much," it said on a sign.

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