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Hong Kong subway protest suddenly becomes violent

HONG KONG – A protest at a subway station in Hong Kong suddenly escalated into chaos on Wednesday night, and masked demonstrators were preparing for a confrontation with the police.

Hundreds of demonstrators in Hong Kong gathered at the Yuen Long MTR station for a month-long jubilee of a violent incident on July 21, during which peaceful demonstrators in black were attacked by white-robed mobs associated with local organized crime.

Wednesday night was a minute of silence at the Station in the New Territories in northwestern Hong Kong.

Then, without warning, some began to overturn rubbish bins and carts and used them to set up provisional barricades in anticipation of a confrontation with the police.

Many of the protesters wore umbrellas, which are both a symbolic and practical tool for demonstrators ̵

1; who use them to block tear gas or club police attacks.

The weeklong protests of demonstrators calling for a greater democracy in the semi-autonomous city that had been under British rule until its transfer to the People's Republic of China in 1997.

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Janis Mackey Frayer of Hong Kong and David K. Li of New York

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