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Hopeful District 5 candidate file as Ellison announces to run for AG

U.S. Representative Keith Ellison and other prominent DFLers plunged into the race to occupy Attorney General Lori Swanson's newly available seat on Tuesday, leaving an open-air congressional seat in the Minneapolis area more DFL politicians hurried to fill.

The last-minute vortex made chaotic last campaign filing day that some described as democracy in action, and others as "dumpster fire."

Attorney General Lori Swanson's last-minute bid for Governor triggered a waterfall of change that defeated DFL candidates in a high-election year. Current and previous state legislators launched campaigns to replace Swanson and Ellison, and political newcomers jumped in to fill their seats in the House and Senate.

State Sens. Patricia Torres Ray and Bobby Joe Champion, State Representative Ilhan Omar and Former Minnesota House Spokeswoman Margaret Anderson Kelliher was one of the DFL members who ran for Ellison's open-air convention center on Tuesday.

An equally contentious DFL fight will take place in the Attorney General's office. In addition to Ellison, Republicans Debra Hilstrom, former Attorney General Mike Hatch, former Minnesota Trade Commissioner Mike Rothman and candidate Matt Pelikan have filed for Swanson's work on Tuesday.

"I decided early this morning that it is not right. I seek solace in security and do what I think the dictate of my consciousness tells me to go out and fight for the consumer, especially in one In a domestic environment where people feel very vulnerable, "said Ellison, a six-year member of the Minneapolis Congress, and also deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee, who made his campaign official a lunch visit to the Foreign Secretary's office

The deadline for registration meant a busy one Day in the office where the candidates filled in the necessary papers before 1

7 o'clock deadline. At a certain point in time, Republican Tim Pawlenty and Democrat Erin Murphy arrived on Tuesday to formally run for the governor.

But the most unexpected action on early Tuesday came in the race for a Attorney General, one day after Attorney General Lori Swanson had jumped instead into the governor's race.

One of the first people to sign up for DFL AG this morning was Hatch. He filled in the paperwork to run for his old job, but said he could retire when the right candidate arrives, such as Republican MP Debra Hilström, former MP Ryan Winkler, former Trade Commissioner Mike Rothman or Senator Tony Lourey Hilstrom enlisted for the Attorney General's job a few hours later and said she had experience as a prosecutor and spent 18 years in the state house.

Hatch was not the only person who passed, but then she said candidacy was dependent on what others do. Candidates have until 17 o'clock Thursday to retire.

"We'll see what happens at the end of the day," said Hatch, who supported Swanson. She lost the support of DFL for newcomer Matt Pelikan last weekend.

Swanson's decision to play with US Representative Rick Nolan as her deputy comrade initiated a potential chain reaction, with much speculation about which candidates would enter the Attorney General's race and the other ramifications that led to the vote could have.

The first person to arrive at the Secretary of State's office on Tuesday was a law student at the University of Minnesota and Joshua Preston, who served for Omar's Minneapolis after hearing that she might run for Ellison's job.

Ellison had previously considered running for a Attorney General when it appeared that Swanson was not running, and DFLers was on high alert when he showed up. When asked if she would leave the Justice Minister's race when Ellison runs, Hilstrom said, "I'll stay in the race, no matter who hires."

Pelikan and DFL State Auditor candidate Julie Blaha also appeared as Pawlenty and Murphy and their respective running mates.

"It's a nice crowd, it makes it all the more exciting," said Lt. Gov. Michelle Fischbach, Pawlenty's Runner,

Murphy left the registration Pawlenty entered, and the two stopped to shake hands.

"I look forward to seeing you on the way," he said. "We're on the trail," she answered.

Other DFL governing candidates, Tim Walz and Swanson, and GOP candidate Jeff Johnson had already filed. Pawlenty said that the decision by so many DFLers to attend primary school even after Murphy won the party's support was "fantastic."

Pawlenty and Fischbach skipped the GOP convention to go straight to headquarters.

to open the process, to democratize it, to make fairer, the American way. That's a good thing … Who wants a small group of people to anoint a candidate at a convention that most people can not attend? "Pawlenty said before he submitted.

Following the submission, Murphy told her and her vice candidate, Colleague Repin Erin Maye Quade will be traveling for the next few days, sharing her vision of a" hopeful kind of politics "from Austin to Bemidji.

"I wanted to win this race and I" I keep an eye on this prize, "Murphy said. "And when others decide to go into the race, they do it, and since my very first race, I've learned time and again that the competition makes me better, and I'll be a stronger candidate who wins the primary because others in I'm ready to go. "

The narrator of the Star Tribune staff member has contributed to this story.

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