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Hot, humid with heights in the 90s for the next few days

  Hot, humid with heights in the 90s for the next few days 69 News

TODAY: Mostly sunny and hot, but not too humid. High: 92

TONIGHT: Mottled clouds. Low: 64

SATURDAY: Fairly hot and humid with lots of sun. High: 97 Low: 72

After some gully-wash storms caused heavy rain and some local flooding late Wednesday night, Thursday was a much drier day overall, although there were some additional, but occasional thunderstorms in the afternoon. It was a much warmer day, with some temperatures rising into the 80s, a 15-degree improvement over the unusually cool Wednesday when the highs struggled to get well over 70 degrees. But as warm as Thursday was, it's cooler than we're going to get any day until the middle of next week.

We saw most of the clear sky last night thanks to a large high-pressure area that was only slowly west-facing eastbound. Low temperatures last night were fairly mild and fell only in the mid and upper 60s. In a way, one could say that this is a kind of comfortable sleeping climate, taking into account the warm temperatures expected for the next few days. The high pressure builds up slowly over the present region, resulting in dry conditions and lots of sunshine. Today should be the first day of a heat wave of about a week, with hot afternoon temperatures at or just over 90 degrees. Fortunately, a light northwest wind will try to mix a little dry air with the smoother air, which will keep dew points in the low 60s in the afternoon. While that's noticeable, it's still pretty bearable compared to what's coming. With high pressure on us this evening, in the mid-sixties, at low temperatures, a clear sky is expected. This will probably be the last night for a while, where temperatures drop to the 60s. From the weekend into a good part of next week, it looks like the low temperatures for many would not drop below 70 degrees.

The Scorcher is on its way to the weekend, as the high pressure rises both on the surface and in the altitude region, causing turbid, hot and humid conditions. The surface high-pressure system will center off the east coast and bring us a southwesterly windstream. This will really pump the heat and humidity with afternoon highs in the mid to upper 90s Saturday and near 100 degrees Sunday. Pay attention to the high humidity and it will feel between 100 and 110 degrees Celsius on both days in the afternoon and early evening.

Our temperatures will reach record highs in several places over several days. Allentown's record high for Saturday is 97 degrees, while Reading is 98 degrees. On Sunday, Allentown's record high is 97 degrees, while Reading's is at 101 degrees. It is important that you take sufficient breaks from outdoor activities in a cool place, preferably indoors with air conditioning, and make sure you drink enough water. Do not forget to look for young, old and pets. Because the atmosphere is unstable due to the intense heat and humidity, a very isolated T-storm is possible, mainly on Sunday and in mountainous terrain, but most should stay dry all weekend, as the strong high-pressure ridge across the region leads to much sinking Air that strongly suppresses T-Storm development. If we reach three consecutive 90 degree days Friday through the weekend, that would be our first "official" heatwave in 2018. And even if some spots will only be at or over 90 degrees at the end of the weekend for two consecutive days These places are likely to go for at least three consecutive days when we go to the next week.

The heat will not go down easily and will be quite stubborn for most of the next week. A decent south and southwest windstream will persist at the beginning of the week keeping hot and humid air in the air. It is still expected that temperatures in the mid- to upper-90s are high on both Monday and Tuesday. A cold front will try to move closer from north and west on Monday and Tuesday, and as it collides with the hot and humid air mass, there will be a slightly better chance for a pop-up PM storm. Overall, this activity looks quite isolated. This front can linger on our 4th of July Wednesday, which means Mother Nature may be putting on her own fireworks with a few showers and storms. Since the cold front will not be in a hurry to clear our area, the heat will be slow. The high temperatures are expected to be at or just above 90 degrees on October 4 and maybe 90 degrees for the second half week as well. In the second half of next week, there will also be some showers and t-storms as the aforementioned cold front slowly spreads throughout the region.

Have a nice and safe weekend and stay cool!

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