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Houston: 4 police officers were shot dead on arrest warrant, another wounded

About a dozen drug officials, along with several patrolmen, responded to a home selling suspected drugs, Acevedo told reporters late Monday night. The anesthetists announced when they broke the front door shortly before 5:00 pm. Then the gunfire started, said Acevedo.

"Immediately after the door breached, officers were shot at by one or two suspects in the house," Acevedo said.

A suspect retreated back into the room, the police chief said, then came out and returned fire again.

Four officers were hit by gunfire, Acevedo said. A fifth officer suffered a knee injury, according to Acevedo.

The police returned the fire and killed two suspects at the scene, the police chief said. He did not release the names of the suspects.

Acevedo said the authorities initially believed five officers had been shot. Joe Gamaldi, president of the Houston Police Officers Union, also said at the beginning that five officers had been shot.

Two of the officers shot were in an operation on Monday and in a critical but stable condition. The other two are expected to recover, Acevedo said.

"This was a difficult day for our city," said Mayor Sylvester Turner, encouraging residents to pray for the officers.

Her beloved, "said the mayor.

" The terrible attack on police officers this evening is a solemn reminder of the ministry and the sacrifice that our brave men and women make in law enforcement every day to us Security, "said Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

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