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Houston Outlaws Wrangle a Victory From Their Home State Counterparts Dallas Fuel

A very close match eventually ended with the Houston Outlaws defeating Dallas Fuel 3-0 in a Texas Team Showdown.

With both teams battling the great state of Texas, only one could be able to hold his head while the other had to watch from the sideline. Here is a brief summary of the game.

The first card, Volskaya Industries, saw Houston make their attack first. After overcoming the formidable defense against Dallas Fuel, Houston secured his first goal and started attacking the second. Although Dallas threw everything on her, he could not prevent Houston from claiming the second point, with the remaining time on the bench for a second attack, if necessary. The Dallas Fuel attack was very similar in its success, only on a much faster scale as they swept over Houston to quickly secure both goals with almost a full lap time on the bench. Dallas would use that extra time on her second attack, diving deep to try and restore her past success. However, Houston seemed to be learning from their past mistakes, keeping Dallas in check and getting ready for a slight overtime fight. However, Houston's second attack was similarly unsuccessful at the end as Dallas proved too difficult to be removed from the top, resulting in the first card ending in a rare draw.

The second card, Blizzard World, saw Houston return to early lead as they quickly secured the first checkpoint. With the payload moving now, Houston managed to push Dallas back and forth as they pushed the payload across the map to find the final checkpoint with the time available. The Dallas attack was similarly successful as it also secured the first checkpoint and began to push the payload. Houston could do little to slow Dallas aside as they took the payload through the course and reached the last checkpoint with more than enough time. Houston's second attack was not so successful when Dallas managed to stop the attack from taking over. Since Houston only has to hold 45.9%, it needs a stellar defense to prevail here. When it was time for Dallas to attack, they seemed to lose the spark that allowed them to survive earlier in the game and fall time and again into the defense of Houston when the clock ticked slowly. In the end, Houston prevented Dallas from securing the zone and giving them the prize.

The third card, Ilios, was another close contest between these two teams. Both teams spent a lot of time controlling the first zone, with Dallas ultimately dominating with 1

00% to Houston's 97%. However, the second round was not nearly as close as Houston quickly secured the point and held it for the duration. The third round was similar to Houston, as Dallas had no time alone on the map, costing the game and the entire series.

The fourth map, Route 66, was another slip-up for the Houston Outlaws They launched a very successful first attack. After pushing the payload through the first two targets, Houston was only halfway to the third major resistance when Dallas finally positioned himself and stopped the attack. The attack by Dallas Fuel was not so successful in the end, as the defense of Houston was far too strong to be overcome. Unable to reach the first checkpoint, Dallas was beaten by Houston and ultimately claimed the series and the Texas Bouncer rights.

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