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How a change in mechanics has helped Mets & # 39; Jacob deGrom return to Cy Young again

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The way Jacob deGrom blows away batsman more and more, one wonders if he has made a real attempt to win Cy Young Awards with them in a row. Three Starts in a Row in April when he gave up 14 runs, mostly because he pitched pitches.

DeGrom hates making excuses and blames himself for throwing "too many pitches in the middle" during this period. Burglary, I got him on Thursday to somehow acknowledge that something funny was going on during these launches.

I'll come back to that, but perhaps most importantly, deGrom feels so safe at the moment even after the 1

4 runs that are twisting his totals for the season, after seven innings against the Padres has thrown Padres that he feels that he can still make a second round with Cy Young.

"That's still the goal," he told me in Citi Field. That's always been the goal, I still have many starts. "

"And you feel like you're throwing on the same level you were last year?" I asked.

Whereupon DeGrom blinked as he walked to the clubhouse door and said, "I feel pretty good."

His "pretty good" means 14 consecutive goalless innings His last two starts and a 4-0 victory on Thursday lowered deGroms ERA to 2.85, the first time he was under 3.00 since he was 13 scoreless innings started the season.

And he continues to find ways to expand his dominance, and lately more than ever counts on a slider that Mickey Callaway on Thursday called the "best slider in baseball".

Justin Verlander may have something to say, but it's hard to argue how deGrom dominated that slider over the Padres. In fact, according to Brooks Brothers Baseball, he threw a career-best slider of 52 out of his 105 pitches, averaging 92.6 mph and causing 12 swing-and-misses.

In fact, the slider that dropped out at 94.5 miles per hour on Thursday was a devastating weapon, partly because, as deGrom said, "it looks exactly like my fastball when it's down and gone (for RH -Player)." Until it makes a hard left turn at the last second – so late that Todd Frazier said, "To be honest, I would rather call it a cutter, and that makes it really hard for a batsman because It sees like a fastball at 97 mph. "

Remember, it was this beefy slider that had ever thrown at a speed faster than deGrom, who turned his head on during his first two seasons and made everyone think a repeat of Cy Young.

Then, as it seemed, he started tattooing from nowhere, from the twins, Braves and Brewers, the next three times.

And if you looked carefully, as shocking as the hard contact with deGrom was, it was the attitudes against his usual line of high fastballs, biting changes, and nasty sliders that stood out as very unusual.

After launching against the Brewers, according to one source, someone in the Mets deGrom organization warned of something he did in his shipment. This was a clear indication of whether he was throwing his fastball or either his slider or throwing.

According to the same source, deGrom quickly made a point of changing its tip-up campaign and immediately started getting results again, posting three runs over 21 innings on its next three starts.

When I asked deGrom on the Thursday, he said enough to make it clear that a problem had occurred.

"I heard that I could have tipped," he said. "I do not know if I buy it completely."

That sounded as recognizable as deGrom could convince.

Still, he found that his poor results for those three starts were more likely to be the result of too many failures, saying, "It's hard to believe it when I had eight, ten hits in these games."

Actually, deGrom recorded three, nine, and seven strikeouts on those three launches, and I'm convinced that this was more of a tribute to its appliances than anything else.

In fact, I looked back on Thursday with an ex-MLB pitcher who told me back then that something looked lazy, and he said, "I remember playing the Braves game (when deGrom had nine K) I did not think some of the nasty pitches the Braves gave up gave up. "

It makes too much sense to believe That these three starts were a crazy aberration, but in any case deGrom knows how much they could have cost him. Since then, he has made over 17 starts at 2.36 ERA, and if you fully capitalize on these starts, he would have an ERA of 2.09 for the season.

"When you do these three launches, I'm right where I want to be," deGrom said. "That's what I did well last year and I did not allow it, and I should have slowed things down and found a way out, which is frustrating for me."

The damage inflicted on these launches will make it terribly difficult to win the Cy Young Award, especially like Hyun-Jin Ryu and Max Scherzer this season compete.

But deGrom has now climbed to fifth place in the NL with his 2.86 ERA, and to see him outdo Padres' hitter on Thursday meant he could indeed still run against Ryu, Scherzer and anyone on his team make way.

To put it in a nutshell, you have to convince yourself that deGrom believes it.

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