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How a mother gave her son 6 more years to live

Suzanne Hunter's decision to donate one of her kidneys was simple. It was for her son, Ian, who was diagnosed with 22 months of diabetes and when he was in his late teens, his kidneys failed.

"Nobody wants to see their child suffer and if there is anything you can do to make it easier, they will, you would," she said. Diabetes would eventually deprive Ian of his ability to walk and see. Six years after his kidney transplant in 2001, he had to dialysis again. He died in 2015 at the age of 42.

But it gave him six more years of family dinner, cheering for his beloved Maple Leafs and enjoying the outdoors.

"He would not have had six years otherwise" Suzanne said.

Terry Hunter presents with son Ian 2013. Ian died two years later from the effects of diabetes. (submitted by Suzanne Hunter)

Ian's father Terry had another blood typing and was no match for his son. But he was so moved when he saw that Ian's life was expanding, he decided to give one of his own kidneys to a complete stranger.

If you feel like saving someone else's life, then you should check it. – Suzanne Hunter

"As a family, we know the effects of kidney disease," said Terry. "I just thought, 'I can help someone in a big, big way, I had no qualms.'

The hunters want others to be rewarded with being a living organ donor or that you know that you want to donate your organs after you die

You recently came back from Chicago to a rally with hundreds of other living organ donors and recipients, saying that there are "so many heartbreaking and touching stories." [19659002] The Stickney, NB hunters say they have no health complications from their operations or live with a kidney, but they encourage anyone who thinks about donating an organ to get all the facts.

"You can Do not tell someone else you should go and donate, "said Suzanne," If they do not feel it in their hearts, if they do not feel that this is what they need to do, then s he probably will not do it. But if you have a tendency to save someone else's life, then you should check it.

Terry and Suzanne Hunter received tattoos with the Green Ribbon symbolizing organ donation. (Submitted by Terry Hunter)

Terry did not meet the person he donated his kidney in 2013 in Nova Scotia. He understands why organ donation is confidential.

"There are scary stories about people who have donated, someone else has their kidney now, and the donor sees the recipient smoking or drinking or not as healthy as the donor thinks they should be.

But it did not stop him from wondering.

"I'd like to know if the kidney is still working well, how are you? If it does not work, I've done what I could. I'm happy to know that. "

Sticky's Terry and Suzanne Hunter are thrilled with the organ and tissue donation, each of them donating a kidney to their son, Ian, Terry, when they heard that Chicago had a gathering of living donors , they decided that they needed to be there, and the group managed to set a world record for the largest gathering of living donors. 17:34

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