How do astronauts spend Thanksgiving in space? In 2017, these NASA astronauts were able to eat turkey, mashed potatoes, corn bread dressing and even apple cider. Video courtesy of NASA.

Even in space, astronauts get a taste of Thanksgiving – with all that goes with it.

Although fall leaves do not fall outside and Macy's Parade is not won Do not play in the background, astronauts still have the chance to celebrate this popular national holiday, and yes, the US crew still has The day off, NASA spokeswoman Brandi Dean said by e-mail.

"It's important for the astronauts to feel connected to their friends, their families and their lives on Earth when they're in space," Dean said. "Celebrating holidays is one of the ways we can help them."

Thanksgiving is an American tradition dating back to the 1600s. It is usually a day when everyone stops working and gathers for a whole day of feasting and, of course, thanksgiving.

But not every American is allowed the luxury of spending Thanksgiving in his own country, especially if you're an astronaut in space.

There are currently three astronauts aboard the International Space Station Iere, of which only one is American, expedition 57 flight engineer, dr. Serena Auñón Chancellor.

Although not everyone is aboard the space station The Americans are all still coming together to share this meal, NASA spokeswoman Cheryl Warner said.

While eating traditional Thanksgiving meals, astronauts could enjoy mashed potatoes, turkey, candied yams, corn bread dressing, and even some cider – space style, as astronaut Randy Bresnik said last year when he spent Thanksgiving on the ISS

Preparing for Earth and delivered over cargo ships, the astronauts do not have to worry about preparing for hours in the kitchen to prepare the big meals.

Instead, with ready-to-eat meals, astronauts can eat most of the food directly from the packages or with the warming device the size of a suitcase size.

"Everyone on board comes and celebrates," Warner said. "It's a very happy time."

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