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How Brewers Wade Miley became bait for Craig Counsel's hustle and bustle

LOS ANGELES – Of all the ways to try this to win baseball games in the October Cauldron, the left-hander at the end of the dancing hook was certainly one of them.

A rarer one. Maybe it's not like the street is out in broad daylight in front of tens of thousands of potential witnesses walking in the street. Was not even her happy corner. But, yes, it was one of the ways. Long before Wednesday's Game 5 of the National League Championship Series, the Milwaukee Brewers announced their starting pitcher to Wade Miley. In fact, on Monday afternoon asked to identify his game 4 starters, Brewers manager Craig Counsell declined to say, but offered that his game 5 starter would be Miley, the veteran left-hander, on a short break. In retrospect, it seemed an unusual moment of openness when it came to his pitching plans. In retrospect, this is called the hectic pace.

Milwaukee Brewers launches shooter Wade Miley made five places in NLCS Game 5 before manager Craig Counsell went to his bullpen. (AP)

Miley was the bait. The pig in the bag. The Queen of Hearts, which is flashed and palmized.

The series was tied Wednesday at 2-2. The Los Angeles Dodgers put their replaceable lineup on the card table, big with the men they liked against Miley, as fresh as $ 20.

Miley threw five places in the busiest side session of baseball history. (He will start Game 6 on Friday.) He handed the baseball back to Counsell and left the hill, many of his teammates were not sure what they saw. From the bullpen came the right-handed Brandon Woodruff, who was notified of this duty, he said Wednesday morning, against the Dodgers' first right-handed dough. Miley was shown. Miley was in the hand.

He knew "a few days ago," Miley said. Or maybe it was a few days, he said. "I have not told many," he said. "Keep it a pretty good secret." And then he said again, "It was not carved in stone, but …"

Counsell said, "Yeah, that's exactly what we wanted to do all the time, Wade will win Game 6. If we go 3-1 If we were inferior, we would have considered playing Wade this game, but other than that, that was what we decided. "

The stealth starter – Woodruff – was dominant for most of the next six innings. The Dodgers won the game, 5-2. Perhaps Miley, resting for a moment and staying as long as he could, followed by Woodruff, would have changed the result. Maybe not. But Woodruff, followed by an exhausted bullpen, stopped it at 5-2.

Asked about the deception, Counsell smiled and said, "I do not know what" excuses "means.

" Look, they're trying to get matches. We try to get matchups. They are a very tough team against which there are match-ups. "

So Bullpen games come out of nowhere, maybe the game, and the Brewers do what they need to do to reach the World Series, and they've played well enough to do that as well This sudden tendency to beat over five games.

The thing is, as the Brewers kicked up the fogger and pulled Woodruffs out of their hats, the Dodgers were doing what they needed to do to reach the World Series, and that brought The ball to Clayton Kershaw On a Wednesday afternoon that began in the sunshine and ended in the shadows – more shadows came from it – it became clearer that what the Brewers had tried was absolutely virtuous – they do not own a Kershaw, not this Kershaw the man who has thrown seven three-baseball innings, who has looked at his two-strike conscience as his teammates and delivered clutch at-bats and composed hits in-between at who finished seventh inning and had more in it.

"You could see the same look you always see," said Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. "There is a determination and if you get a champion like him who gets hit a bit, he will answer and that's what he did today."

The brewers were loyal to who they were are. In some ways, they can not just stand and swap blows with the Dodgers. The star rotation was considered one of these ways. If 11 2/3 innings are required by a bullpen the night before, there are random matchups – right vs. left. right, left vs. left, from the point of view of her bullpen – perhaps a luxury and another of these possibilities. The Dodgers, open and suspicious of the Brewers' plan to rest Miley for three days, were reluctant to oblige all their right-handed bats. They had the Queen of Hearts in mind, her hand on her wallet.

In the end, the game does not really change. Sometimes it's just over the top. The brewers identified the brand that might or may not have been a mark, and Wade Miley smiled and went along, and Brandon Woodruff answered for his shift, and it would play there.

"Did not think much of it," Woodruff said, "All I knew was that I had to go in there and pitch and get out."

Wherever it would be put up, no matter how it went, no matter like the moving parts, no matter on the street corner, luck or not, that's the hustle and bustle.

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