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How can you describe Müller as a catastrophe?

Stephen Colbert critically commented on the appearance of former Special Representative Robert Mueller at the Congressional hearing on Wednesday during his Late Show monologue. But he did not believe, as Fox News host Chris Wallace, that it was a "disaster for the Democrats and a disaster for the reputation of Robert Mueller" was tomorrow, and President Trump promptly tweeted the quote to make him look better. "That's what you said this morning at 10:07, an hour and a half in a six-hour series of hearings," Colbert told Wallace as he sat next to him for a job interview. "So the motto of Fox News is:" We'll report and decide before it's over? "

" The hearing was interrupted and we were asked about our reaction, "Wallace said irritably," and let me just say nothing in your monologue has disproved this description. "When Colbert told him he did not understand As for a "catastrophe," Wallace replied, "Yes, you do."

"No, I promise you that you will not," said Colbert. "It seemed like a good one organized and choreographed recitation of the moral, ethical and criminal failure of the President of the United States. "The majority in the House of Representatives who wanted to have this hearing said time and again that the quote was," People will not read the book, they will be the movie "Well, the movie was a snore." [1

9659002] "I thought it was really sad," Wallace added. "Because he's a very respected man, he has a great career in law enforcement, and at least on the basis of today, he seemed to be a guy who did not know exactly what he was talking about and what he said had trouble finding the various members of the congress they were on the podium, let alone answering their questions. "

Colbert argued that Wallace had merely given" performance notes "and" they only mean something because we it will desensitize you to the shock of the information they provided to us. "

Wallace admitted he found the contents of Muller's report" shocking, "but said," I do not think they're more shocking today as of today it was when the report was released in March. "

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