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How can you tell if you are protected from the measles?

The Southern California measles outbreak has raised many questions about what it means to be protected. The criteria differ for children versus adults.

For adults: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention consider you protected if you have received a dose of measles vaccine and are at no risk of transmitting measles in a high-risk area.

A high-risk environment includes: secondary education students, healthcare workers, and people traveling internationally.

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If you are in a high-risk environment as an adult, you must receive two measles vaccinations.

You are also protected if a lab test confirms that you had measles at some point in your life.

And if you were born before 1

957, you are considered protected.

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Do Adults Need a Booster? The CDC says no. Their experts say that people who received two measles immunizations as a childhood vaccination plan are protected for life and do not need a booster shot.

If you think you may be exposed to measles, contact your doctor immediately.

You can choose your immunity based on your vaccine history or a lab test.

The measles are so contagious that the virus can live up to two hours in an airspace where an infected person has coughing or sneezing.

According to the CDC, if a person has the measles virus, up to 90 percent of the individuals who are in the vicinity of that person and are not immune are also infected.

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